The outbreak of coronavirus in China has taken a heavy toll of lives and thousands are in hospitals while life has come to a standstill in many cities. Businesses have downed shutters and tourists remain stranded. Britain has advised its people to avoid traveling to mainland china unless their journey is essential. It has also arranged for flights to evacuate Britons from Hubei Province, which is at the center of the Coronavirus outbreak. There have been many deaths already reported and the figure keeps rising. The Travel restriction of Britain excludes Hong Kong and Macao.

The BBC says there are many British people in the area, where the travel restrictions are in force and officials of the foreign office estimate most of them would like to return to the UK. There are apprehensions that the Chinese government could impose additional restrictions on movement depending on the situation. It goes on to add that "It may become harder over the coming weeks for those who wish to leave China to do so." A travel journalist has indicated to a section of the media that there are thousands of holidaymakers in China. Apart from them, there are others who live in the country and are engaged in business or are living there as expatriates.

Coronavirus cripples life in China

The coronavirus attack has taken China by surprise. It is making all-out efforts to contain it and, for a start, it has imposed travel restrictions on people who plan to move out of the danger zones. There are reports of deaths and hospitals have geared up to attend to those who have been struck by the virus.

The general worry is for the safety of people and the British Foreign Office is ensuring the removal of Britons from harm’s way at the earliest they can. At present, flights are operating from Beijing and Shanghai but there will be problems if China decides to close airports at short notice. It would depend on circumstances.

The BBC quotes Amie Keeley, head of news at Travel Weekly, as saying that this is not the peak period for organized tours in the country. Therefore, tour operators are offering various options to customers. These include refunds or alternative travel dates. The coronavirus has crippled life in China and upset the travel plans of many. The country has sent a mission to the moon to explore its far side and China has expertise in various fields.

It will hopefully have the technology to come up with a vaccine for the virus.

America evacuates its people from China

According to CBS News, the United States arranged evacuation of its staff from the Consulate in Wuhan by a chartered flight. All the 201 evacuees cleared initial health checks in China and returned to Southern California after a brief stopover in Alaska for refueling. So far, the coronavirus has killed 170 people. All the deaths are in China. On a rough estimate, the number of those infected runs into thousands with stray reports of infection in other countries. In the United States, there are five confirmed cases and more than 100 people are under observation. The Trump administration could impose a complete travel ban on China in view of the nature of the threat.

China has to find a cure fast

It seems coronavirus is a disease that can be transmitted by people who do not show any symptoms. Hence, it is necessary to find a cure as a priority. CBS News says in the opinion of a top British infectious disease specialist, the actual number of cases around the world is anybody’s guess. It could be several times more than is revealed and a matter that needs urgent attention.