Indonesia was the scene of a tsunami in the Sunda Strait last night. CNN reports the tsunami came after Anak Krakatoa erupted. In Tanjung Lesung, a tsunami was caught on camera. According to Reuters, PLN, a utility company was holding a year-end event. However, the band and the attendees were inundated by the wave. People are missing, some just washed away. Dramatic footage sees people enjoying the music when a wave suddenly rears up. The screams of the employees are heartwrenching.

Tourists traveling to the country probably got a terrible fright as well, as there are reports of multiple hotels suffering damage.

Tsunami hit several areas

The Sydney Morning Herald revealed some of the facts about the tsunami. According to the information they found, the waves affected several areas. These included "South Lampung, Serang and Pandeglang, with the latter the most severely affected." So far around 600 people were reported injured and more than 40 dead. Apparently, the waves were estimated to be about two meters (6.5ft) high.

It is suspected that the tsunami was triggered by the volcanic eruption of Anak-Krakatau, rather than from an earthquake. Because of this, there are fears that more tsunamis may happen. CNN reports that it's possible the eruption triggered landslides underwater, which displaced the deadly wave.

Tourist facilities and homes damaged in Indonesia

Sutopo Purwo Nugroho who heads up the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, tweeted about the damage, noting that over 400 houses were damaged and so were a number of hotels, Saturday night.

On Twitter, people are expressing their concern and fears. One comment suggested that two musicians are missing after the wave hit the company venue.

More video footage emerges

More video footage is emerging as people post their shots of the waves hitting towns. The one below shows people scrambling to get away.

One Twitter user, @rahmat_selamet, reminded people that this" happened near Mount Krakatau." They also mentioned that it is the site of one of the biggest volcano eruptions in the world, that happened in 1883.

The combined tsunami and volcanic explosion killed thousands of people.

In Indonesia, where the tsunami reportedly swept away people at a company year-end event, disaster teams are already reacting. The Australian government has extended a helping hand offer. The country often comes to the assistance of such tragedies, as humanitarian needs are of greater importance that stances on politics.

Some countries have Travel warnings out for Indonesia. New Zealand updated their government travel site in October. Still current is the mention that there are "a number of active volcanoes in Indonesia and many have high alert levels which, at times, can necessitate evacuations. These volcanoes erupt from time to time and in the past have caused destruction and loss of life."

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