Police have arrested a 29-year-old man in London who drove his car into cyclists and pedestrians outside the Houses of Parliament and injured three people. It was during rush hour Tuesday morning, when suddenly the car disturbed the peace in the neighborhood and police suspect it to be another act of car bound terror attack.

Agencies who are supposed to maintain details of terrorists and terror related activities were caught off-guard because they had no record of the individual and he was uncooperative. He is believed to be from Birmingham and the authorities have launched search operation there as well as in Nottingham.

The BBC reports that suspect was alone and the police have not found any weapon. It appears to be a deliberate act and is being treated as an incident of terrorism. The authorities feel there is no need to panic.

Second car bound terror attack in London

There have been several incidents of car bound terrorism in different countries. This was the second one for London within two years. The previous one was the London Bridge attack in March 2017 in which four people were killed. This time, fortunately, there were no casualties.

The suspect is believed to be British and is being held in police custody while his car is being searched. Eyewitnesses have described that the vehicle was travelling westbound in Parliament Square when suddenly it went into the opposite lane. It looked like a deliberate move as the car finally crashed into the security barriers.

The sequence of events reveal that the car had traveled some distance to reach London on Monday at around midnight and remained in the Tottenham Court Road area for a few hours. It was then taken around the Westminster and Whitehall area until the incident happened.

Acts of this nature create panic and Prime Minister Theresa May has urged the public to remain vigilant but "carry on as normal." Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, has condemned the acts of terrorism in the city while Donald Trump also took the opportunity to express his views via Twitter.

Donald Trump on London terror attack

According to the CNN, US President Donald Trump once again called for tougher anti-terror measures in view of the latest car bound terror attack in London. He had commented on terror attacks in the UK earlier also. In September 2017, there was an explosion in the London Tube, and Trump wants Britain to take a strong stand against such acts.

Terrorism is a global evil and in order to check it, the security apparatus must be geared up to check the background of those who arrive in the country. Since people usually Travel by air, checks at airports of origin must be as thorough as possible to improve security.