Music festivals are usually a big draw and the 'O Marisquiño' event in Vigo was no exception. It is held in Spain in August and the attendance this year is believed to have been nearly 160,000. The sudden failure of the wooden platform left a section of the audience floundering in the sea trying to save themselves. Initial indications are that more than 300 have been injured, five of them seriously.

The BBC reports that the incident happened shortly before midnight on Sunday, August 12, 2018, while Majorcan rap artist Rels B was performing on the stage.

He had just started his program when the mishap occurred. The reason for the failure of the ramp is being investigated.

Ramp collapse a serious matter

When thousands of people gather to enjoy a few hours of music at a festival, the organizers have to ensure that the programs are not disturbed by unwanted happenings. In a country music festival in Las Vegas, a gunman had unleashed terror by killing many of the fans who had come to enjoy the music.

The incident in the 'O Marisquiño' event in Vigo should not have happened. The festival consisted of different types of urban sports and music in Spain and included a variety of items related to not only music and concert but also to gastronomy.

There were outdoor sports competitions also. Fortunately, there were no fatalities as confirmed by the police.

Such programs attract the youth and there were many teenagers who fell in the sea. Eyewitnesses have mentioned that the wooden platform collapsed when the rap artist Rels B told the crowd to jump. Rappers have a lot of influence on youngsters and, some rap artists roll in money.

The regional health minister, Jesus Vazquez Almuina, has told the local radio that “the vast majority are light injuries for bruises. There are five hospitalizations, mainly broken bones, and some head injuries." Abel Caballero, the mayor of the city has announced that the incident will be investigated to establish the cause.

There were many foreigners

According to The Sun UK, the ‘O Maraschino’ festival is into its 18th year and there were many foreigners who had come to participate and enjoy. They had come from countries like Portugal, Venezuela, the United States and Germany. Obviously, such an incident on the last day of the festival is undesirable. It has an adverse effect on tourism and simultaneously tarnishes the image of the organizers.

The health authority has informed a local media channel that 313 people required treatment. Nationalities of those who have sustained injuries have not been made public. In the opinion of the Port Authority president Enrique Lopez Veiga, the problem was due to “excess weight.”