Acts of kindness are done without expecting anything in return, yet heroism is a matter of choice. In a surprising turn of events, on Monday a young immigrant from Mali climbed an apartment building and rescued a boy hanging from a fourth-floor balcony.

The events unfolded in Paris, France. The climb performed singlehandedly by the young immigrant, Mamoudou Gassama, has been deemed the Mali "Spiderman." In addition, as a result of the heroic acts, Gassama has been offered the French citizenship.

According to Reuters, Gassama, 22-year-old, risked his life this past Sunday and climbed up through several balconies before rescuing the four-year-old.

Video of the climb goes viral and becomes a national icon

The video below was seeing millions of times and has received the title of Spiderman, Peter Parker. Upon pulling the boy to safety, Gassama was fast-tracked to the Elysee Palace where he met French President Emmanuel Macron.

As reported by Reuters, Gassama told the daily newspaper, Le Parisien, he climbed and thanked God for saving the boy. Macron went on to congratulate Gassama and called his actions "an exceptional act". Also, Macron confirmed that France would give him a job in the emergency services.

Macron during his meeting with the Mali immigrant confirmed his immigration papers will be set straight and initiate the process of naturalization to become French.

French ministers said the process for citizenship would be expedited, but Gassama cannot be granted this right away.

The perception of immigration from Africa and the Middle East has shifted French public opinion in the past few years. This has opened the doors to the far-right and a candidate of the National Front like Marine Le Pen and who nearly clinched the presidency a year earlier.

Macron has had his shares of ups and downs during his first year in office.

To appease left-wing voters he made this gesture towards the Mali migrant and to display a more welcoming France to the rest of the world.

Gassame explains his journey before arriving in France

Once Gassama arrives in the presidential palace, he explained to Macron his travels. Specifically, when he attempted to cross the Mediterranean and was short on reaching Italy; he was later apprehended by police.

The Malian migrant is becoming a celebrity thanks to his noble rescue. Not only did he meet President Macron, but also spoke by phone with Paris Mayor, Anne Hidalgo. During his conversation with the mayor, he explained he had arrived from Mali a few months earlier and wished to stay in France.

So not only was Gassama a national hero, but he also received publicity from the Daily Show. The show's host, Trevor Noah, discussed the event with plenty of humor and satire.