After the visit by French President Emmanuel Macron, the president of the United States had a different spin on the 2015 Paris attacks. President Donald Trump spoke on Friday (May 4) in front of the National Rifle Association and suggested had citizens been armed the outcome would have been different.

A day after the statement was made, France wasted no time to denounce and reject the claim made by Trump. According to Reuters, the French foreign office said that France expressed firm disapproval of the president's comments on the November 13 Paris attacks.

Also, it demanded that the victim's families be respected.

The news release goes on to explain countries are free to decide on its own laws when it concerns carrying firearms. France does have strict regulations in place when citizens seek to acquire and carry weapons.

The remarks coming out of Paris are the most contentious of the US

Since Macron got elected, the diplomatic relations with Trump has been visibly friendly. In the most recent visit by the French president, both heads of states discussed the Iran deal among other things.

During Macron's visit, there were a lot of handshakes and awkward moments exchanged between both. The following video below illustrates and sums up what happened during the three-day visit by the Macrons to the White House.

The remarks refuting Trump's claims are the strongest coming from the French capital and the most critical. Macron has yet to comment or offer any rebuttals to the claims made by Trump on the Paris attacks.

Still, in spite of the comments, it might be another attempt by the Trump administration to kickstart the midterm elections campaign.

The departure by Macron was considered upbeat and he made an important speech in the US House of Representatives. There, he explained the importance of maintaining an important relationship with its oldest ally. Furthermore, he made the case by the Iran nuclear pact and climate change should not be taken lightly.

Trump holds high regard for Macron

During the speech that Trump made in front of the NRA, he characterized Macron as a "great guy." What followed were the statements that prompted France to respond and condemned the implications. The former French president Francois Hollande did not waste time to respond to this latest controversy. He responded via Twitter to Trump's remarks. He said it was nothing short of "shameful" and obscene." It is not clear if Trump will pull out of the Iran deal, or will concede to an updated version of the nuclear pact. Trump is expected to make an announcement by May 12 and at this point everything is uncertain.