As reported by Global News early Tuesday morning, Bill Morneau, the finance minister of Canada, made a public announcement about the Canadian federal government's plan to buy the Trans-Mountain pipeline for a whopping $4.5 billion. The purchase of this project also includes Kinder Morgan, Canada's core asset. According to Global News, Kinder Morgan will continue on with the original plans for the twin pipelines while the sale is finalized, which may not happen until August.

According to these reports, it seems that the only reason the Canadian federal government is involved is to save the project.

John Horgan's fight

According to Global News, John Horgan, the leader of the province of British Columbia, will be standing tall against the government's purchase. John Horgan is fighting against the Canadian federal government over the planned purchase of the Trans-Mountain pipeline because he was against it while fighting with Alberta in the past over this issue. Premier John Horgan stated as well that with the purchase of the pipeline, there is the risk of a potentially catastrophic oil spill.

He continued, stating that the purchase of the pipeline does not reduce the risk of a diluted bitumen spill either. Horgan also stated that he will continue to do his best to protect the interest of his people, province, and country by keeping the land as clean and pristine as possible.

Horgan seems in his interviews to have a strong belief in the citizens of British Columbia and of Canada. He believes that many peaceful protests will happen regarding the purchase of the Trans-Mountain pipeline. He also stresses the importance of the coastline and the Canadian citizens that live in B.C., as well as the rest of Canada.

Pipeline business

The amount of money needed to construct this pipeline is estimated at more than $7.4 billion, and because the Canadian federal government is going to buy it that means all taxpayers will be paying for it if the B.C. government can't stop them first. This estimated cost, of course, doesn't include any of the construction costs associated with the project.

Many of John Horgan's opponents are weighing in on this topic as well. The liberal leader for B.C., Andrew Wilkinson, is outright blaming John Horgan for the Canadian federal government buying this project because Horgan started this fight with Alberta. According to Wilkinson, because of the spat with Alberta, the government had to step in and buy the project, which ended up being quite embarrassing for B.C. and the rest of Canada.

Hogan then reminded the Canadian federal government that they are now accountable to the OPP (Ocean Protection Plan). He continued on to state that if he finds any gaps, he will speak directly to the owners of the pipeline.

According to CBC News, the Green Party leader for the province, Andrew Weaver, said that the decision by the government to make this purchase was a "betrayal" and he strongly believes that it will put both whale populations and climate targets at risk.