Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are expected to hold talks to defuse the rising tensions in the korean peninsula that had been heading for a showdown with nuclear weapons. The date and venue have yet to be finalized. The developments come after the 2018 Winter Olympics, and the peace initiatives started by Moon Jae-in of South Korea have paved the way for the Washington-Pyongyang talks.

Sky News reports that Mike Pompeo, director of CIA has clarified that the United States will not be making any concessions to Kim’s regime during the forthcoming nuclear talks.

According to him, North Korea was feeling the pressure that has been created by the US-led international sanctions. Their trade is suffering, and its economy is in shambles.

Expectations from the Trump-Kim meeting

The proposed meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un is expected to lead to a path of peace in the Korean peninsula. Both the leaders are aware of the devastation that can result from nuclear warfare and would like to avoid a confrontation. Mike Pompeo has announced the meeting but has not yet disclosed any details. He has said that the leadership of North Korea is under pressure, and there will not be any concessions made. He has also added that the President wants to find a solution to the problem.

There has been a stormy exchange of words between the two leaders, and at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, President Trump indicated that North Korea is interested in pursuing peace. He appeared to be confident of success and is hopeful of seeing denuclearization.

South Korea wants peace in the region

A sit down between Trump, and Kim Jong Un could likely lead to peace in the Korean peninsula.

That is what Moon Jae, the President of South Korea, has been trying to achieve ever since he took over the reins. He wants peace with his neighbor and reunification of the two Koreas, and the 2018 Winter Olympics provided the platform.

Invitation for the talks with Pyongyang was passed on to the White House by an official of South Korea who had met Kim Jong Un.

It seems he has agreed to halt the testing of his missiles during negotiations and is also ready to denuclearize.

The venue of the meeting is still not finalized and, according to an official of the White House, the possibility of a venue in North Korea is remote. USA Today adds that the meeting will be held in May, and Moon Jae-in is expected to meet Kim in April to prepare the ground. The venue could be finalized at that time.