mining for minerals and other Raw Materials is essential for an array of industries. Many mining Companies are willing to go the extra mile to meet the demand for materials like gold, silver, and coal, but not all are willing to make sure that their extensive projects don’t cause the environment drastic harm. While the sector is profitable, mining companies should still consider how sustainable and environment-friendly their practice is.

The raw minerals mined by companies support the world's technosphere. One Pegasus Foundation study says that the technosphere’s mass is estimated to be about 30 trillion tons, whereas human biomass is about 500 percent lower.

What this means is that the mining and ore milling produced a considerable amount of materials, but the companies are unable to rectify the long-term effects of their actions.

Pegasus Foundation also reports that mining’s harmful effects to the environment include the loss of animal habitats, pollution, water contamination, and in the long run, climate change. The adverse effects are harsh and if left unnoticed, it could grow into something far bigger and uncontrollable. These concerns aren’t irreversible yet as there are ways to prevent them from growing worse.

While there are mining companies who rarely implement sustainable ways to gather rare materials, there are still those who want to remain as a catalyst for change while meeting the demand for raw materials.

Mining company adds eco-expert to ERR

A company certainly headed in the right direction is Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining, Inc. (OTCMKTS: MCPI). The company is well on its way into becoming one of the most environmentally conscious mining leaders in the United States with the appointment of William B. Zipf, Jr. as the director and president of Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining’s Environmental Reclamation and Recovery, Inc.

(ERR) subsidiary.

As the new head of ERR, Zipf will be responsible for spearheading strategic plans geared toward the commercial application of remediation technologies for tailings, mine waste, and groundwater. Zipf will push Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining’s environment-friendly efforts with his years of experience in a few fields.

According to the press release, Zipf has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry which includes natural gas transportation, coal, carbon credits, power generation and oil refining. Other than this, Zipf also brings his expertise in private equity, clean coal, and biomass technology to the table.

We can expect the mining company’s subsidiary to push new and groundbreaking remediation technologies to help prevent the long-term effects that mining could have on the environment.

Zipf’s addition to ERR will point Mansfield-Martin Exploration Mining into the right direction this 2018. Through this effort, ERR could be the benchmark for remediation technology which is expected to grow up to $82.6 billion globally by 2022 as mining companies and others that harvest raw materials are being more responsible for their actions.

For investors of the mining company, what this means is that they’ll also get behind what could possibly be one of the leaders in the growing remediation technology sector.