Momentous changes have taken place in China. The Chinese Congress of the Communist Party which is a held once every five years has approved the installation of President Xi for life. The earlier restriction of two terms as president of China has been abolished. The handpicked delegates had no option but to overwhelmingly vote for president Xi to become president of China for life. NDTV has reported that this will give a mandate to Xi to rule China as long as he lives.

Draconian law

No country in the world has passed such a draconian law in the modern era.

One can only think of such rules passed during the time of Joseph Stalin who ruled Russia till 1953 and Mao Tse Tung who similarly ruled China till his death. The president of China is now following in the footsteps of these two dictators, and the Chinese would have us believe that the people are very happy in China with this state of affairs

Despite all the propaganda emanating from China, there is every likelihood of this resolution having been passed by the Chinese Communist Party only under duress. The resolution shows China in a very poor light. It means that a personality cult is being established in China like during the time of Mao and earlier during the time of Stalin.

Totalitarian state

China is it totalitarian state where there is no democracy but single-party rule by the Communist Party. Dissent is not tolerated, and it is inconceivable that there is no opposition to president Xi being appointed a president for life. Chinese overseas in Australia, USA, and France have voiced their opposition to Xi being anointed president for life.

Posters have been put up in the university bringing out that many Chinese are opposed to what happened in Beijing.

It is now clear that China is still living in the past in what has been known as the Stalinist era. Even Russia has changed, and Vladimir Putin is contesting the presidential election in Russia, but the Chinese seem to be living in the past and have forced the Chinese people to accept Xi as president for life.

It is not understood how such a draconian law was passed by the Chinese Communist Party which shows that a fear psychosis is built up in China.

Dictator for life

President Xi will now be Dictator For Life, and with no credible opposition inside China, he may well be more belligerent in his actions in Asia and Africa. Donald Trump has stated that he liked the idea of president for life. It's about time he realized that president Xi would continue to rule China even after Donald Trump becomes history.