Dawn News reported about a recent statement made by Heather Nauert, the US State Department’s spokesperson, about the growing tensions between two nuclear giants of the South Asia region.

“We think that both sides would certainly have to sit down and have talks about that,” she said.

Nauret was answering a question at the international conference being held in Afghanistan. The query arises because of the consistent cross-border shelling between the two countries over the past few weeks. The present situation of the India-Pakistan border is a serious issue that affects the peace of the region.

The international conference is associated with the socio-political and economic developments of Afghanistan along with its relevance and impact on the growth of South Asia economy.

Current circumstances

The situation is deteriorating with every passing day and has left many soldiers and civilians dead and injured. Many families across the border were displaced to safer zones in view of the mounting tensions at the Line of Control (LoC). Most of the families lost their homes due to the shelling. However, they are eager to return to their homes.

Recently, Pakistani Media reported that the United States is encouraging talks between the two countries to discuss the issues that are accountable for the present situation.

The Kashmir issue is being treated as a huge threat to South Asian harmony. India And Pakistan include the two main nations that have fought few wars in the past.

The United States is keen to buoy up the two nations to come up with some instant elucidations of the issue. The issue of Kashmir is bilateral in nature and demands a political solution to reassure the lost peace in the region.

Mutual efforts

The Indian media reported about the growing chances of meetings between Indian and Pakistani foreign secretaries at the International Conference on Afghanistan in Kabul. The Pakistani media, on the other hand, mentioned the immediate need for bilateral efforts to assess the current border status quo.

The meeting will the first meeting of its kind in 2018.

The national security advisers of both the countries exchanged their views on the cross-border shelling in December last year in Bangkok.

The present conference will address the broader region to include India and Pakistan due to their importance in South Asia. “We look forward to being a part of that meeting,” Nauret added.