U.S. President Donald Trump on his meeting with indian prime minister Modi on Monday may request Indian troops to help fight the war in Afghanistan. This is after Trump issued a statement that U.S. allies must also provide support to the growing War Against Terrorism.

Why will Trump request troops from India?

India is a major ally of the United States and Trump expects the country to provide massive support for the war against terrorism in Afghanistan. India is the only major power bordering the war-torn country and that support from Modi will greatly improve the chances of finishing off all ISIS presence in the Northern reaches of the country.

According to sources, the United States is expecting India to step up on its commitment on counter-terrorism. It should also assume the role as one of the major proponents of anti-terrorism drive in the region. Trump also expects support from India once American troops arrive in the war-torn country.

Trump plans to completely secure Afghanistan by redeploying American troops into the country and flush out all jihadists presence. This was not accomplished by Obama, due to the rising number of American deaths and the mounting pressure coming from the home front to end unnecessary deaths from unnecessary wars.

Pakistan may be the next country to be targeted by U.S. anti-terrorism policy

U.S. Intelligence points to Pakistan as one of the major havens for terrorists.

This is due to reports showing ISIS insurgents crossing borders from Pakistan and supporting pockets of defeated Taliban resistance in North Afghanistan. Because of this, the United States formally requested the Pakistan government to tighten its security against possible terrorist groups and quell it.

A few lawmakers in the United States had thought about the possibility of completely removing Pakistan from the U.S.

ally list, due to reports of terrorist support. If the U.S. does drop Pakistan from the friend's list, India will be more than welcome to join in Afghanistan as the rivalry between India and Pakistan runs deep.

It is not sure when Trump's order to send U.S. troops to Afghanistan will come to fruition but American soldiers will once again patrol the Afghan desert. It is only a matter of time when the United States destroy the remaining Taliban hideouts in Afghanistan leaving Pakistan and Iran the next possible targets for America's terrorist witch hunt.