There is a growing concern over whether or not the United States will go to war with North Korea. The biggest question, should the situation on the Korean peninsula turn to into a full-scale conflict, is whether or not each side would use their nuclear arsenals. An exchange of nuclear weapons, even a limited one, could lead to the complete destruction of the planet.

A far more combustible situation between nuclear-armed nations is currently brewing. India and Pakistan have both engaged in a number of skirmishes and small firefights as tensions continue to escalate in the Himalayan region.

Pakistani officials claimed that soldiers were performing routine maintenance on communication lines when they came under fire from Indian troops. India, however, contends that their border positions were attacked and they simply returned fire. Both sides claim to have suffered no casualties.

It is one of a number of similar skirmishes in recent months as the two sides often come face to face in the region.

India and Pakistan have been at odds for decades and have gone to war before. The difference now is, both nations have the nuclear capability to completely annihilate their neighbor. Doing so would be self-destructive though as fallout would likely hit whichever country struck first. Factor in the immediate retaliation from the opposing nation, and it is a situation that could destroy most, if not all, of central Asia.

Disputed border

Much of the tension comes from a disputed land border in the Kashmir region. Pakistan has sought to either claim complete ownership of the region or have it declared an autonomous state. Either way, they do not see India as having any real claim to the region.

There has even been an insurgency of militants in the region rebelling against Indian rule.

It is suspected that Pakistan is funding and supporting these rebels but it is unclear if that is true or not.

Terrorism concerns

India has much to worry about regarding their border with Pakistan. The Mumbai bombing and hotel assault that killed scores was one of the worst terrorist attacks in India's history. It is widely believed that the terrorists came from Pakistan and may have even had assistance from the Pakistan government.

Whether or not the government is complicit doesn't matter to India. It is hard to refute that Pakistan is somewhat of a safe haven for terrorist organizations and their leaders. Being so close to India is alarming as attacks like the one in Mumbai are easy to replicate, especially if the terrorists are receiving state-sponsored help.

This type of small-scale fighting has the risk to escalate much higher. While North Korea and the U.S. continue their exchange the war of words, it is Pakistan and India that we need to truly be worried about as we head into 2018.