Zimbabwe, the country ruled by dictator Robert Mugabe for nearly 40 years had reached an untenable situation. Ailing 93-year-old Mugabe was rumored to have just months to live, but his wife Grace Mugabe had long been planning to extend his dynasty.

Just two days ago News 24 reported that Grace Mugabe was set for political Mugabe dynasty "as structures within the ruling Zanu PF endorse(d) Grace as a potential candidate for the vice presidency following Monday's dismissal of former Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa."

Grace Mugabe the wanna-be leader of an adopted country

Grace Mugabe came from a humble background.

Born and bred in the East Rand city of Benoni, South Africa, she ironically told an assembly of supporters that "My husband is the president and I'm the president's wife. I'm a woman, so why can't I be the vice president? Am I not a child of Zimbabwe?"

It turns out "no" she is not and never will be a child of Zimbabwe. The secretary who "slept" her way to the top has, according to unconfirmed reports fled to neighboring Namibia where it is suspected she has been granted safe haven.

Just three days ago, Aljazeera reported that Grace Mugabe was hailed in a flurry of party endorsements and parades, by Zanu PF youth leader (the ruling party), Kudzanai Chipanga, as being the only person fit to step into the shoes of fired and exiled Vice President Mnangagwa.

It was reported that Mugabe told his wife that if she kept the head of the military in her pocket they would salute anyone.

Robert Mugabe under house arrest

It turns out he was wrong. He is now under house arrest and the military are running the country. Unconfirmed reports out of South Africa report that President Jacob Zuma, himself under allegations of corruption, spoke to Robert Mugabe on the phone and he confirmed he will address the nation and hand over to Mnangagwa later today or tomorrow.

It is believed Mnangagwa is back in Zimbabwe, or on his way there.

While Zimbabwe looks to a unified government to bring them out of a terrible political crisis that has built for the last 37 years, it seems that Grace, along with her political aspirations has been allowed to leave the country. A highly connected insider told this reporter that word is Grace is now in Namibia.

What will become of the secretary with great political ambition? Right now, nobody really seems to care. Those politicians who threw in their lot with her are either under arrest running for their bank accounts.

Grace Mugabe the woman with aspirations beyond her lowly birth

There was a lot of disbelief about the bloodless coup. For too long the Zimbabwean people have suffered in silence, under the yoke and threat of death if they raised their voices. An as-it-happened audio message reached this writers desk today.

"My old boss has confirmed on the phone the army has taken control and it is a coup 100 percent confirmed. The next 24 hrs will be interesting."

While it is interesting for everyday Zimbabweans around the world in the diaspora, and on the ground in the country - it must be a little too hectic for Lady Grace, the secretary with aspirations beyond her lowly born status.