The country of libya has been reported to be auctioning humans by CNN. This was only a rumor from a YouTube video until CNN traveled to Libya to confirm the devastating matter. The video on the CNN article shows a group of young Black Men, described as strong by the auctioneer, who cannot be seen.

CNN wanted to further investigate the Libya slave auctions after watching the video, so they traveled to Libya. Last month they visited just outside the capital city of Libya, Tripoli, with many hidden cameras, to watch 12 people to go up for auction.

In the auction prices were raised from $200 and up and in about 10 minutes, it was all said and done.

They were given to their new owners with practically no choice.

How many auctions?

In Libya, CNN reported that there were 9 auctions in several locations such as Sabratah, but, there were believed to be more in other areas. Obviously, people would be reluctant to release details about where the auction would be happening.

In the auction CNN visited, CNN talked to two of the men who were sold. The two men were so petrified of what just happened to the point where they were unable to speak.

Immigration problem in Libya

"The immigration problem in Libya has been a massive problem since conflicts started." Libyans have primarily moved to Europe to find better jobs for their family and also to keep themselves alive from the wars.

Most migrants paid smugglers everything they own for the hope of reaching Europe and a better life.

Libyan coastguards have become better at taking down more amounts of refugee ships controlled by smugglers. The smugglers are left with these refugees who become slaves to them.

CNN reported that they have given the video footage to the Libyan government, who promised to take action and start an investigation.

Smugglers told CNN that they are only in it for the money, and it is not in their interests if the refugees make it or not.

The situation has been described as dire from the International Organisation for Migration and 'slave trades' are only a bit of the large picture.

Auctions can happen anywhere, in normal streets, around working adults and happy playing children.

CNN writers say it is like a step into the past, with chained up slaves ready to be given to other masters.

In Tripoli, there is a center for people who are to be deported, a worker said that they endure so much pain from their smugglers, mentally and physically. He believes it is important for their voice to be heard as they have the human right to be listened to.