Protests will be held today outside the Pakistani embassy in London in an attempt to remove the country from the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC). After sentencing Nadeem James to death for a WhatsApp message, protestors believe that Pakistan should no longer be allowed on the UNHRC. The group behind this movement is known as the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB). Their mission is not only to remove Pakistan from the UNHRC, but to also abolish the blasphemy laws that have caused approximately 69 murders in Pakistan since 1990.

Addressing the UN

CEMB has released an open letter to both the UNHRC and the government of Pakistan. In their plea to the UNHRC, the letter points to numerous human right violations by the Pakistani government, which should cause the nation to lose its seat on the commission.

Blasphemy laws in Pakistan have wreaked havoc on many innocent peoples' lives. Christians, atheists, and even liberal Muslims have been subjected to public lynchings and incarcerations. Asia Bibi, a Christian woman in Pakistan, has been waiting to be executed since 2010. While picking berries alongside several Muslim women, an argument ensued over the drinking water. The Muslim women did not want Bibi drinking from the same water.

Bibi was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohamed and sentenced to death by hanging.

In another case, four young men were sentenced to death by hanging for ripping down a religious poster. Mubashir Ahmad, Ehsan Ahmad, Gulam Ahmad, and Khalil Ahmad were in police custody when Khalil was shot and killed.

CEMB outlined numerous cases of blatant human rights violations in Pakistan and demanded that the commission take immediate action.

A letter to Pakistani authorities

CEMB also addressed another open letter to the government of Pakistan demanding that the country abolish blasphemy laws, stop the persecution of minorities, and bring justice to the murderers responsible for the deaths of so-called blasphemers. They have also called for the removal of Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui under claims that his bias prohibits him from giving those accused of blasphemy a fair trial.

Protests in London

It is unclear whether or not the UNHRC or Pakistani authorities will take any steps to prevent future human right violations in cases such as these. However, CEMB has organized a protest that is to be held today outside the Pakistani embassy in London. Beginning at 12:00 PM, the protest will be a moving one that will make its way over to the Iranian embassy as well. Protestors are encouraged to meet for sheesha afterwards. Both open letters to the United Nations Human Rights Commission and the government of Pakistan will also be sent out today.