World politics - Amid the tensions between the US and Russia, Us troops have begun to line Russian border. According to Independent News, the show of power is in retaliation to Russian aggression. As troops land in Wrocław, Poland, tanks are right behind them. Experts estimate a total of 2,800 tanks and other artillery equipment. Obama hopes that the bluff will force Russia to halt the Crimea's annexation.

Since May 2014, US troops have been conducting training operations under that banner, experts say. The Polish embassy in Washington says the troops in Wroclaw were the first to arrive as part of the Atlantic Resolve.

Experts say that this US move to Europe has been the largest since the cold war. Yet, despite Obamas few days in office, there does not seem to be any signs of slowing down.

Russia says the build-up is a provocation

As Obama promised a smooth transition between him and Trump, things are not seeming that way. Tensions between the US and Russia grow by the day. Not only does Putin call the move provocation, but he says the move is an act of war. So much so, that Putin has started moving nuclear missiles to strategic locations.

Not only that, but Russia has also deployed Diesel-Electric submarines to patrol the black sea.

The Kremlin "higher-ups," have vowed not to allow the sea to become a Nato haven. As tension heats up like an epic pressure cooker, time can only tell what will happen next.

The US expels Russian Diplomats as Russia treats Americans to dinner

Last week, after the alleged hack that Obama blames on Russians, the State Department expelled 35 diplomats.

According to the Sun, Russia chose to eat them up with kindness by treating US diplomats to dinner. Reports say Putin has claimed to wait on Trump to take command before he makes a decision.

Many claim that that is a wise move from the Kremlin. A move that surprised many experts on Russian relations. With Trump's inauguration only days away, what will our new leader face as he takes over the Oval Office? Will he find peace or aggression? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Your feedback is always welcome.