The contestants in Miss Earth 2017 engaged in an interview round that tested their knowledge on various environmental issues. It was held at Diamond Hotel in the Philippines on October 29.

This particular round is known as “Intelligence” and tested the candidates’ resolve in answering questions and delivering their impromptu speeches. This is part of the other preliminary rounds such as swimsuit, evening gown, resort wear and “Beauty of Figure” competitions. While some candidates were able to confidently share their insights, others stuttered during their turn.

Pageant frontrunner Karen Ibasco from the Philippines was asked about the issue of open-pit mining in her country. She pointed out that “mining is important” but people should know how to handle it well.

“The Philippines is a very prosperous country. We are blessed with a lot of natural resources. We have to learn to extract and utilize these properly,” Ibasco said. “What the Philippines is advocating about is having regulated, responsible and sustainable development.”

She is currently leading the medal tally after winning two gold and two silver medals. In the second place is Ninoska Vasquez from Venezuela who also gave out strong answers during the interview round.

When asked about the relevance of physical beauty in achieving environmental solutions, Vasquez said, “I believe that beauty is very important to humanity.

But intelligence is really what it takes us to the next level. As Venezuelans, we use our beauty, our intelligence, our faith in God and that’s what we really use to capture the public and their attention.”

This Venezuelan beauty is a psychologist who specializes in addiction problems. She further added that solving this issue entails a partnership between families and children.

USA’s representative

Meanwhile, United States’ representative Andreia Gibau shared her approach to achieving immediate environmental goals. She said that she will focus on educating children on the importance of the environment.

Gibau graduated from St. John’s University in New York. She majored in Public Relations and Fashion.

She is currently a model and a self-development coach.

Darling of the press

Six days before coronation night, The Miss Earth 2017 contestants were presented to the media in their two-piece swimsuits next to the poolside of Diamond Hotel on October 30, Missosology reported. Karen Ibasco from the Philippines won a gold medal. Thailand’s Paweensuda Drouin won a silver medal.

The coronation night of the pageant will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena on November 4. Over 80 contestants from various parts of the globe will compete for the coveted title. Ecuador’s Katherine Espin is set to crown the new winner.

The event will be hosted by James Deakin, a renowned motoring journalist, and editor-in-chief of an automobile magazine in the country. The show will be aired on Fox Life.