President Xi Jinping, the leader of the People’s Republic of China, was revealed to have once fed pigs and cleaned toilets in the earlier years of his life, Bloomberg reported. This leader assumed office in 2013 and is currently the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

President Xi’s power is described with various achievements. Regarded as “the most powerful Chinese president in decades,” he has cracked down on corrupt public officials, advocated for food trade, decided on the South China Sea territorial disputes and overseen many of the country’s infrastructure projects.

“Here’s how a boy who was sent to the countryside to shovel sewage and feed pigs reached the pinnacle of power,” Bloomberg stated. His father was a Communist leader during Mao Zedong’s regime.

As part of the Cultural Revolution in his country, Xi was sent to a rural village in 1969 where he resided inside a cage house for seven years. This was where he fed animals, cleaned “any kind of toilets,” did farming, and read books “in his spare time.”

Return to Beijing

The renowned global leader has also studied chemical engineering. Xi was able to accomplish this feat when he finally got to return to Beijing in 1975, the report added.

He became a prominent Communist leader just like his father and made his way up the Party ranks since then.

In 2007, he was promoted to “top leader in Shanghai,” which is one of the biggest capitals in the Asian nation.

“There was nothing obvious in the early parts of his career to suggest he would become one of China’s most powerful leaders ever,” Bloomberg’s Ting Shi said. Throughout his term, he has arrested a number of activists and journalists, making him among the leaders with the toughest policies on “activism and human rights groups in the Party’s recent history.”

‘Chinese dream’

President Xi Jinping will also appear during the 19th Communist Party Congress to be held later this month, Straits Times reported.

His policies were distinct from the previous leaders of the country in such a way that they highly resembled those of Chairman Mao.

He has been known for his strong stand on the issue with North Korea. Moreover, this 64-year-old politician even made history as “the first Chinese president not to visit North Korea.”

His major platforms include the “Chinese dream” or what he has termed as the “great rejuvenation” of the country, BBC reported.

This program includes economic reform to boost growth, regulating state-owned industries, reducing environmental degradation and the renowned “One Belt One Road” project. He is expected to stay in power until 2022.