United States President Donald Trump has learned to ignore unflattering coverage from the media. According to his son Eric Trump, the controversial Republican realized that focusing on attacks from the press could lead to depression and negative thoughts.

Trump wants to avoid depression

During an interview with radio station The Joe Pags Show, Eric said that because of the constant media attacks it is important to tune out, “Otherwise, quite frankly, you’d probably end up killing yourself out of depression. But he’s doing a great job.” The 33-year-old entrepreneur said that negative attention from the media indicates that Trump is doing something right, adding that it is important to keep in the attention from the media in context.

Trump's third child revealed that his family is forced to take press coverage with "a grain of salt."

The businessman launched an attack at the mainstream media, saying that they do not want the U.S. leader to succeed. He also voiced his opinion that no matter what Trump does, the media will attack him and that it is important for his father to ignore them. Trump's son added that politics is the nastiest game he has ever been involved with, saying critics put his dad under extreme pressure, regardless of what he does. Eric added that in addition to the media, the entire political class also attacks Donald Trump. News website alternet.com reported that during the interview, Eric Trump said that the U.S.

leader is not a racist either.

Since assuming office in January, Trump has been in a self-declared war with the U.S. media. The billionaire has frequently used his Twitter account to attack the mainstream media, even describing them as "fake news." During a political rally last week in Phoenix, Trump condemned "fake news" media and also said journalists are dishonest people who do not love the United States.

Trump loves flattering news of himself

According to The Independent, Trump occasionally spends time in the White House watching television, marking down with a black pen, the negative coverage of his presidency. Trump is known to like positive news. Citing three former and current aides, The Washington Examiner reported that the White House communications team prepares a folder for Trump containing pleasing news items and TV coverage.

Last month, Mr. Trump launched his most blatant attack on the U.S. media by posting a video of himself attacking the CNN in a Twitter meme. In what appeared to be an endorsement of violence against the press CNN said that it was disheartening to see the American leader promote violence against journalists.