The end of the world is coming according to some theorists. A certain group of Christians who have been studying the Bible looking for codes and signs believe that rapture or the second coming of Christ might happen this month. The evangelical websites point to an astrological constellation that might happen on sept. 23 which allegedly matches the scripture on Revelation 12: 1-2.

Astrological constellation hints about Christ's second coming on Sept. 23

If one reads the scripture, the verses talk about a woman being clothed with the sun. She has the moon under her feet and her head has a crown of 12 stars.

The woman is pregnant and is crying out in pain as she is about to give birth.

The conspiracy theorists claimed that the woman in the scripture refers to Virgo. On Sept. 23, the sun and the moon will be in Virgo. Meanwhile, Jupiter represents the Messiah. This event reportedly happens every 12 years, but the presence of another planetary alignment representing "the Lion of the tribe of Judah" makes it an unprecedented phenomenon, Express reported.

David Meade also predicted that a mythological planetary system known as Planet X or Nibiru will appear in the sky on the said date. He added that it would pass the Earth in October and it would be the start of the rapture. There will be volcanic eruptions due to its gravitational force which is the start of the end of the world.

Meade further explained that on the said date, the moon is under the feet of the constellation Virgo. Meanwhile, the Sun appears to clothe Virgo. Jupiter was born on Sept. 9, which seems to wrap up the scripture from the Bible. Meade’s information suggested the day when Planet X and the apocalypse are coming.

Earth's sixth mass extinction is real

There are already a number of end of the world news report involving the eclipse, constellations, and planets, but none of it has proven to be true. However, the end of the world could be true when the Earth's sixth mass extinction happens.

The first five mass extinctions in the past 500 million years have resulted in the decline of animal populations.

It annihilated 50 to 90 percent of the species including the dinosaurs. A new study has warned about the event called biological annihilation that has already reduced the animal population by as much as 80 percent since 1900. This could be the end of the world for the seven billion people on the planet.

A number of factors contributed to biological annihilation. This includes climate change, pollution, species invasion, and over-exploitation of biological resources. If one looks at it closely, humans have played a huge role in this.

The Earth's Sixth Mass Extinction could still be delayed. The authors of the study proposed for an intensive conservation of species and habitats. However, it may still take a number of decades to mitigate the problem.