Zimbabwe police road blocks are an incessant hassle for commuters in the country, but the latest alleged incident where drunk cops beat a Human Rights Lawyer seems to indicate that cops are getting out of control.

Zimbabwe, lawyer assaulted by police

ZimNewsNet reported that on Sunday evening outside Mvuma, a small settlement in the police district of Masvingo, about five police officers who were allegedly drinking, pulled over a minivan registered in South Africa.

Having handcuffed the driver, they started to beat him up. Human Rights Lawyer, Lucy Chivasa, who works for the Legal Resources Foundation tried to give the beaten man her business card and found herself a victim of assault too.

She managed to hang onto her phone during her assault which was switched on in video mode. The video was subsequently uploaded to Youtube for all the world to see.

A formal charge under crime register number 70/08/17 was filed at the police station in Masvingo against the officers involved in the alleged assault.

Police roadblocks in Zimbabwe are indiscriminate and even harass tourists

There are other videos on the internet where foreign tourists from across the world have expressed their displeasure at alleged extortion where they have to pay to get away from these police stops, which is hurting tourism in the country.

Drunk police beating up random people at road blocks is taking police brutality to a new level and on this occasion, a soldier apparently decided to join in the 'fun.'

A young Zimbabwean soldier was alleged to also be at the scene of the accused beer-drinking police.

He became involved and also reportedly assaulted one of the passengers. Unfortunately for him, it seems he assaulted his senior officer who was also one of the passengers in the van.

Soldier attacks senior officer at road block

According to the report by ZimEyeNet, the soldier, who happened to be wearing his uniform when he allegedly joined the police in beating up people at the road block, was spotted by a senior army officer who was also traveling in the mini-van.

After being ordered by the senior officer to desist, the soldier slapped his superior in the face. Realizing his error, he then fled in a truck that was pulling out of the stop. The military officer is reportedly going to deal with the incident through military channels.

Police brutality in Zimbabwe seems to be getting out of control.

Drivers have been recorded as being beaten up for simply refusing to pay a bribe, as evidenced in this video below:

Cops allegedly gouge out eye

News24 reported this week, that five other police officers appeared in court in Harare, over allegedly beating up Yvonne Magora and her husband Washington Gezana on the corner of Kenneth Kaunda Avenue and Julius Nyerere Way in the capital city, near a traffic road block.

In a report by The New Zimbabwe, in the melee, Washington had his eye gouged out and it was dangling on his cheek after the alleged assault by the police officers. He and his wife were treated at Parirenyatwa Hospital. In court, the officers denied the assault on the grounds that the incident happened at night, so they could not possibly be identified as the attackers.