The discovery of the house of Jesus' Apostles has unlocked a firestorm of commentary about the early days of the Christian faith. Scholars and churchgoers have come out of the woodwork to speak their peace on this find, and they will be shocked at what lies underneath this dig.

They found a building associated with the apostles

According to National Geographic, the find is evidence of a home territory, but it is not the groundbreaking home that everyone expected. The headline was not written by the people on the research team, and they are more broad in their focus.

They believe that they have found one of many living arrangements that was situated in the town that was known as Bethsaida. Jesus did, in fact, come through this town, but it was not the hiding hole for the apostles.

What is Bethsaida?

Bethsaida is a place where the apostles of Jesus lived, but this site is not necessarily where they were staying. The site of Bethsaida itself has been contested many times over, and only nearby Capernaum has been located conclusively. The researchers may have stumbled upon a place where the apostles lived, but they cannot pinpoint such a thing with the speed of a breaking news headline.

Why is this place important?

Bethsaida is a place where Jesus cured a blind man, and it is a place where the disciples were at one point.

There were Roman settlements in this place which align with the timelines of the Bible. There is quite a lot of talk about Jesus keeping his work private, and this would be avoid detection by the Romans who were in the area. Bethsaida becomes important because it gives more credence to stories in the Bible.

What exactly did they find?

The find is a bathhouse that indicates this was a place where urban settlement had taken place. Someone who studies these things would be led to believe that they would find more if they looked more closely, and the exclamation that the home of the apostles was found is more of a generalization. Clearly, something has been discovered.

The question for researchers is what they have found specifically? Researchers plan to draw conclusions based on this plot, and they may continue to work based on extrapolations of this discovery.

We must pump the brakes on proof of the existence of Jesus and his apostles in this place. Scientists have not agreed that they have found the ancient city of Bethsaida. They only agree that they have found something of significance that we must study further.