Marine experts in Melbourne are astounded by a teenager who ended up with his legs covered in blood after soaking them in the sea. After playing soccer on the beach 16-year-old Sam Kanizay decided to go and soak his legs at the beach after his feet felt a bit sore. After about 30 minutes Sam walked out of the water only to realize his feet and ankles were covered in hundreds of pin holes which were bleeding extensively.

Teen finds his legs bleeding after putting them in the sea

Fox News quoted him as saying, "I thought it was sand covering my feet when I walked out of the water, so I tried to get it off by shaking my feet violently, which served the cause but after only walking a mere distance of 20 meters, I realized that my ankles and feet were covered in blood.

" It was shocking to see and I had no idea what to think about it," he said. His parents took him to a hospital after the bleeding didn't stop after washing the blood off with water.

Sam's father Jarrod said that the hospital staff were clueless about what kind of creature might have caused those injuries. Later he went to the beach again with a bag of meat in a net and caught the creatures he suspected were responsible for Sam's injuries. While Sam is still hospitalized, he is said to have been taken off meds.

What are these creatures?

After capturing the creatures, Sam's father took a video of dozens of the possible creatures that were munching on the meat he used as bait. He said that something that's really clear is that these little creatures really love meat.

While our first thought might that this is fake news, it was real enough for Fox News to cover the story. According to Jeff Weir, from the Dolphin Research Institute, these creatures were most likely oppurtunistic amphipods, which are tiny crustaceans which chomp on to dead matter to help it break down.

Thomas Cribb from the University of Queensland, who is a parasite expert was quoted as saying " it would be very unusual for amphipods to cause such extensive bleeding"

This is most probably the first case of an attack by these crustaceans on a human being.

No one seems to be sure about these creatures at the moment. Marine experts and experts on Sea Creatures are intrigued about them and efforts are being made to find out how they caused such extensive damage to Sam Kanizay while he didn't even realize it was happening.

A marine expert, Michael Brown said to Seven Sunrise News Channel that the creatures in the video eating the meat could most likely be jellyfish larvae.

He also said that he had "never seen anything like this before."

For the time being, no one is certain as to what these mysterious creatures might be, but hopefully, we will get to the root of the matter soon.