After U.S. authorities arrested her son for murder after the death of a woman on Saturday, the suspect's mother has come out to defend him. The mother said that she was aware her son, James Alex Fields Jr was planning to attend a white supremacists rally. She, however, thought the rally was in support of United States President Donald Trump, and not one supporting the cause of white nationalism.

The mom was not aware Fields was attending a white supremacist rally

Security forces arrested Fields on Saturday and charged him with second-degree murder.

Fields, 20-years-old, was arrested for allegedly killing a thirty-two-year old woman after he drove his vehicle into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters during the Saturday white nationalist protest. The victim was crossing the street at the time of the incident.

And in an interview on Saturday night, Field's mother, Samantha Bloom said that she knew her son was going to a political rally, but she tries to keep out of his political ideologies. During the interview, an AP journalist informed Ms. Bloom that the rally in which her son attended was organized by white supremacists. Bloom responded that she thought the event had something to do with President Trump, and added that the U.S. President is not known to support white supremacist movements.

During the interview with news outlet The Toledo Blade, Bloom revealed that her son sent her a text on Friday, informing her that he had dropped his cat at her house, to free up himself to attend an alternate rally to be held in Virginia. She informed journalist that after receiving her son's message, she urged him to be cautious, and to make sure he protests peacefully.

Fields 'was not aware' he was attending a white supremacist rally

Bloom then expressed her surprise that her son resorted to violence at the rally.Journalists then pressed her to reveal if she was aware that her son was planning to partake in the white supremacist rally. She responded by coming to Field's defense, claiming that he was not really aware of what the march was all about.

She said that she had Fields only recently relocated to Toledo. They were previously residing in Kentucky.

The Saturday incident victim's identity is yet to be revealed. Police apprehended Fields a few blocks away from the scene of the incident. The 20-year-old is also facing charges of malicious wounding. He is being detained without bail. He will appear on Monday in court.

The incident occurred after white supremacists entered Charlottesville. Many of them were armed, leading to violent confrontations with opposing protesters. The FBI announced on Saturday that it will launch a civil rights probe into the clashes