In the wake of an incident that saw two Chinese tourists arrested recently for doing the same thing, an American tourist was punched by a passerby in Dresden, Germany Saturday outside a café in the city center after giving the Nazi Salute several times while reportedly “severely drunk.”

Drunk American man makes offensive Nazi gesture in public

According to officials in Germany, the incident happened at around 8:15 a.m. local time Saturday outside a café in the center of Dresden in eastern Germany. As reported by Deutsche Welle, Dresden police tested the 41-year-old and found him to be highly intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.276 percent.

Officials say the man suffered only minor injuries after an angry local resident attacked him for his actions. That attacker reportedly fled the scene and police are now looking for him to lay charges for causing bodily harm.

American tourist under investigation relating to Nazi symbols

However, the American tourist is also under investigation, as his actions violate current German laws relating to the display of Nazi slogans or symbols. Dresden police added the American national was under investigation for violating German laws pertaining to the public display of Nazi symbols or slogans.

According to officials, the name of the man is being withheld for privacy reasons, and he is also under investigation for using the insignia of unconstitutional organizations, which insignia includes various Nazi symbols, but reports gave no further information on that side of the investigation.

Tourists and Nazi salutes

As reported by the International Business Times, a week ago on August 5, two Chinese tourists took photos of each other while making the Nazi salute outside the Reichstag building in Berlin, which houses the German Parliament.

Both men were arrested by Berlin police but were released after paying $593 bail each. However they still face charges which could levy a hefty fine or up to three years in prison for the pair.

As reported by Deutsche Welle, visitors to Germany appear to seemingly be unaware of the law in Germany as it relates to the Hitler salute.

While Germany does make allowances for filmmakers producing documentaries or satire films relating to Hitler and the Nazi regime, the various symbols and Nazi imagery are normally only allowed for teaching purposes and for historical research in the country.