President Donald Trump is the most outspoken commander in chief in recent years. He continually uses Twitter to share his feelings on many issues. And has never been shy about voicing his opinion regarding anyone, including his predecessor Barack Obama, and his former opponent Hillary Clinton. There are only two issues on which the POTUS remains silent and they are David Duke and White Supremacy.

The President flirts with the alt right and nationalists

When David Duke gave his support to Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign some Americans believed it indicated that the POTUS supported the agenda of the former Imperial Wizard of the KKK.

Shortly after, hate crimes and anti-Semitic activity increased in this nation. When the President chose Steve Bannon as an adviser it raised eyebrows because Bannon was a former member of the Alt-Right and was a white nationalist. Our leader is surrounding himself with people who believe in hate and it's not good for the nation.

On Saturday, Duke was interviewed during the Neo Nazi rally in Charlottesville Va. and said that President Trump's campaign promises were being fulfilled. The event quickly became violent and a woman died after being run over by a car. Some Americans including Republicans have spoken out against the violence and wondered why the POTUS did not denounce White Supremacy when he is so vocal about other issues?

he is flirting with danger and it is costing Americans their lives.

The future of Donald Trump

President Trump's inability to speak out boldly against hate crimes gives some the impression he is in agreement with David Duke and the views of the Alt-Right. One other explanation could be that he does not want to offend them because they helped him win the election.

Years ago, President Ronald Regan spoke out against the KKK endorsing him saying that he did not share their views. What is it that keeps Donald Trump from doing the same?

It is embarrassing to have the leader of the free world to not quickly denounce the views of the KKK, Alt-Right, Neo Nazis and White Supremacists were marching with torches and promoting hate.

Big bad Donald Trump who has a comment for everything else is intimidated by David Duke and those like him. What happened on Saturday was a terrible tragedy but it was not a surprise to everyone. Many who were opposed to a Trump presidency saw this coming in November, and frankly are surprised it took this long to manifest.