Radio Television of Hong Kong announced the decision to shorten the broadcasting time of the international radio the BBC World Service to eight hours a day, reported by the Guardian. BBC radio broadcasting has been ruling the city state radio for 40 years. This decision was taken to enhance the Chinese culture with Hong Kong.

The BBC radio broadcasting will be transferred to Radio 4

The British international public radio station has occupied the channel Radio 6 since 1978 and ran a round-the-clock broadcast. The BBC will be transferred to Radio 4, where it will broadcast daily from 11 pm to 7 am local time.

Joshua Wong Chi-Fung (Hong Kong student activist) said that “it is the channel that I listened to since high school because our teacher always told us to learn English from the BBC," according to the Guardian.

As the Guardian reported, the Chinese National Radio (CNR) will be transferring to the Radio 6 channel, which features news programs, financial reviews, programs on culture, art, social issues, etc. from September 4 this year. Broadcasting will mainly be conducted in Mandarin, and some programs will be broadcasted in Cantonese.

The local government decided to turn off the Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) in the city, and by end of the next month, all the digital channels will be closed in the city state due to growing users of the Internet.

Many radio stations that used to broadcast on DAB including the China National Radio Hong Kong Edition (CNR), should be translated into Radio Broadcasting.

Amen Ng (Head of corporate communications for RTHK) said in a statement that the preservation of round-the-clock broadcasting of CNR is necessary, and it can enhance the cultural exchange between Hong Kong and mainlands of China.

H. Kong had been under the British Colonial for 150 years

H. Kong had been under the British colonial for 150 years, but it was handed over to China in 1997. A city state runs under the "one country but two government systems" which is a level of condition of self-government. It has diverse media, but there are concerns about the influence of Beijing.

According to the CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists), more than 50 percent media owners of the Hong Kong play the role in the politics of China, so they could oppose Beijing. Every year, people protest against the control of China in a city state, since the territory was returned to China in 1997, reported by the Independent. Around sixty thousand protesters marched in the city on the 20th anniversary of the Chinese control in July.