Veteran Senator John McCain is not happy with United State President Donald Trump's decision to pardon Joe Arpaio. The Arizona lawmaker said that Trump's pardoning of the controversial sheriff undermines the billionaire's insistence that he respects the rule of law.

Trump's decision was announced as Texas readied itself for Hurricane Harvey

McCain joined growing criticism of Trump' s move, which was announced while the state of Texas prepared to deal with Hurricane Harvey. The 85-year-old Arpaio ignored a 2011 court order that barred him and his deputies from racially profiling of Latinos.

Less than a month ago, Arpaio was convicted of contempt of court, leaving him sweating the possibility of serving a jail sentence.

Arpaio has been a vocal proponent of Donald Trump's "birther" initiative. He gained notoriety for his extensive roundups of suspected illegals. He reintroduced chain gangs at Maricopa County jail and also prohibited inmate access to coffee, pepper, and salt.

Trump described the former sheriff as an American patriot who played his part in keeping Arizona safe.

According to The Independent, McCain stated that no one is above the law. The long-serving politician added that law enforcement officers should always strive to be beyond reproach in the duties.

McCain said that Arpaio was found guilty of illegally profiling Latinos living in Arizona against the court's express orders.

He added that Trump has the authority to make such a pardon, but by doing so, he places doubts on his claim that he respects the rule of law. The politician added that Arpaio had shown no remorse.

A lawyer who assisted in the racial profiling case against Arpaio said that the pardon was a presidential endorsement of racism. The lawyer, Ms.

Cecilia Wang, said that Trump's decision was an endorsement of illegal, failed immigration enforcement methods. She added that such practices, which target people of color, have been struck down by the courts.

Arpaio is an agent of bigotry and racism

Politician Bernie Sanders also joined in on the condemnation of Trump, who said that the Republican once again indicated he would use his presidential powers to defend racism.

DNC chairman, Tom Perez stated that Trump had given a free pass to Arpaio. Perez described Arpaio as the United State's most notorious agent of bigotry and racism.

Arizona's other senior Senator, Jeff Flake tweeted that he would have preferred Trump let the Judicial process deal with Arpaio's situation.

The Phoenix News Times tweeted several accounts detailing the former law enforcement official's 24-year career. The news organization said that by 2015, Arpaio had cost the county more than $44 million.

The CNN reported that Paul Ryan also does not support Trump's decision to pardon Arpaio. Doug Andres, Speaker Ryan's spokesperson, stated that law enforcement officers in the US have a responsibility to protect the rights of everyone.