American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Sunday distanced himself from the controversy surrounding President Donald Trump's reaction to the violence that took place in Charlottesville. During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, Tillerson stated that Trump speaks for himself on his values.

The US wants equality for everyone

The top US diplomat added that no one should harbor doubts that the US government is committed to long-standing American principles.

Speaking to Fox News host Chris Wallace, Mr. Tillerson said that that the State Department cherishes American values.

He affirmed that the State Department represents US citizens, the values of the country, commitment to freedom, and the equal treatment of every person in the world. Tillerson said that the message of equal treatment has never changed.

Chris then pointed out that after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, people could start doubting the United States is honoring its values. The Secretary of State responded that he does not believe anyone doubts American values, the commitment of the US government to advancing and defending those values.

Queried about Trump's values, Mr. Tillerson said that the President speaks for himself. When Chris asked him whether he was distancing himself from Trump's comments, Tillerson replied that he had made his remarks as to American values, and the need to uphold them.

Reacting to the interview, Mr. Elliot Cohen, a former official at the State Department tweeted that he believed that the former Exxon CEO had thrown Trump "under the bus."

Last week, the UN condemned Mr. Trump for his failure to speak out against the racist hate speech and crimes witnessed at Charlottesville. Prominent political figures in the United States have also voiced their displeasure at Trump.

Trump could refuse to vacate the White House

Meanwhile, a historian has warned that Donald Trump could refuse to relinquish power when his presidential term comes to an end.

According to The Independent, Tim Rogers said that the Republican does not respect the sanctity of his office. Rogers, an expert on former Nicaragua dictator Daniel Ortega, stated that he sees similarities between the US leader and Latin American presidents who stay in power for extended periods.

The historian said Trump is a tribal leader who is sowing division in the United States. He accused the US leader of only being interested in his welfare. According to Rogers, Trump is willing to sacrifice everything to preserve his standing.