A burglar is behind bars in the U.K. this week, thanks to the heroic efforts of Rocky the African Grey parrot, who viciously pecked the man when he tried to steal him, along with other property from home. The incident left behind blood, which police used as DNA evidence to convict the burglar of this and other crimes.

Serial burglar breaks into couple’s home

Lithuanian national Vitalij Kiseliov is reportedly a serial burglar, responsible for at least six break-ins in the area, but thanks to a vicious peck from the African Grey, his thieving days are over – at least for now.

Kiseliov’s mistake was to break into the Gillingham residence of Peter and Trudy Rowing in the middle of the night, stealing their laptop and a phone, as well as two oxygen tanks needed by Trudy for her breathing machine. However, he also spotted Rocky, the parrot, and decided to try and make off with the valuable bird as well – African Greys can reportedly fetch around 500 UKP ($650) these days in the U.K.

However, as he tried to steal the African Grey from his cage, the valiant bird pecked him on his hand, leading to the burglar’s blood spotting the door as he left.

Rocky went missing for a while after the burglary

According to Kent police, they believe Kiseliov threw the poor bird out the window after Rocky bit him, but managed to leave his blood behind in the process.

Fortunately, after the couple’s granddaughter posted on Facebook that the African Grey had gone missing and asking people to look out for the bird, he was soon reunited with the Rowings.

It turned out the burglar’s DNA was stored in the police database, following his many crimes, leading to police catching him on June 16, the day after he robbed the Rowings.

Couple has had the African Grey for 20 years

The Telegraph spoke to 72-year-old Rowing this week, who told them the couple has had Rocky for over two decades. Going on to hail the brave bird a hero, Rowing reckoned the burglar got “more than he bargained for” when robbing their home.

The heroic actions of the parrot led to Kiseliov receiving a four-year prison sentence in a Kent court this week, after which he will be deported back to Lithuania from the U.K.

He reportedly admitted he had committed six burglaries during his crime spree.

As reported by the Kent Times, the judge went on to tell Kiseliov in court this week of the “real misery” and fear he had caused his victims. In the case of the Rowings, he had stolen oxygen needed by a victim to enable her to breathe.