Former Argentinian World Cup winner and coach Diego Maradona said that he thinks that the American president is more of a comic to him and that he can't take him seriously. The above reply was given when a journalist asked him to speak about the American and Russian presidents. The question surfaced when he was called by FIFA to Russia to congratulate the winner of the Confederation

Maradona said Argentina and Brazil are suffering under Trump's leadership

The question surfaced when he was called by the FIFA to Russia to congratulate the winner of the Confederation Cup finals which was played between Chile and Germany.

The 56-year-old footballer also said that America is not a superpower anymore with Russia and China rising to power, and the mentality of Trump can lead to war even though wars aren't a good thing.

'I switch channels whenever I see Trump'

The 1986 FIFA World Cup winner Diego Maradona is notorious for his quality of freely speaking his mind irrespective of what the people say. This time as well, he lived up to his reputation and spoke his views about the two major personalities of the world. He expressed that whenever he sees Trump on his TV he switches the channel. According to him, Trump takes things to his head and we may all become enemies to him.

He expresses his sadness that, under Trump, the southern states of America have suffered major setbacks and have witnessed a rise in poverty unlike the northern parts, which are becoming more powerful and economically stronger.

Maradona said that Vladimir Putin is a 'phenomenon'

While the American president was slammed by him, he spoke highly of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin and said that he is very important for maintaining World Peace. He told the reporter that Putin is a "legend" and even called him his "idol." It may be the case that he was on Russian grounds and didn't want to be on the negative side of the president but his vehement insistence on the point that Putin is a rightful leader could put an argument otherwise indicating that he is truly a fan of Mr.

Putin. He added that Putin is a man who can bring peace to many in this world.

The view of the footballer is probably the view of millions of others who aren't Russian or American but can see the bigger picture unbiased. It is no news that Trump is being criticized by many, and Maradona is just an addition to that long list.