As the host of the two-day G20 Summit in Hamburg, German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed she has her likes and dislikes when it comes to world leaders. One of the most powerful women in Europe stole a kiss from the handsome prime minister of Canada, justin trudeau, Mashable reported.

She also rolled her eyes while talking to Russian President Vladimir Putin and covered her face while with U.S. President Donald Trump. The website noted that like other admirers of Trudeau, Merkel had a happy face when she saw the boyish Canadian PM’s charming smile and blue eyes that she kissed him on the cheek.

Two-way street

It was not only Merkel who showed delight in having a buzz and a photo opportunity with the Canadian PM. Trudeau also welcomed the warm reception he received from Merkel and the chance to talk about vital matters with other global leaders which he tweeted.

While the cameras caught Merkel’s eye roll while talking with the former KGB spy, the topic of discussion was unknown, The Telegraph noted. Prior to talking with Merkel, Putin first talked to his BFF, Trump. The dynamics between Merkel and Putin did not escape notice on Twitter.

Eye-roll champion

Because of the incident, Mashable just declared Merkel the all-time champion of the “I don’t give a f*ck if he’s right there, I have zero time for his mansplaining” eye-roll. The bored eye movement of the German chancellor just showed that while most politicians are unrelatable, it is not the case with Merkel.

The website recalled that the relationship between the two European leaders has not been that very friendly. In one meeting with her, Putin brought a Labrador even if he knew Merkel was afraid of dogs.

Insofar as her relationships with the two BFFs are concerned, it has been a tense relationship, Mashable noted.

With Trump, a photo of Merkel covering her face with her hands while talking to the real estate billionaire says a lot about global frustration with the American president. The frustration is particularly felt in the U.S. where a Pew Research Center survey found that they trust the German chancellor to handle world affairs rather than their own Republican president.

Among the 37 nations included in the poll, it is only in Russia and India where Trump was more trusted to handle world affairs than Merkel. In Merkel’s Germany, 81 percent trusted her, while only 11 percent trusted Trump. In the U.S., Merkel enjoyed a 56 percent trust rating compared to Trump’s 45 percent.