Beijing called the close proximity of an American destroyer to its islands in the South China Sea a serious political and military incitement, just hours before President Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping were to have a phone conversation. The conversation was set to discuss the "negative components" influencing relations between the two nations, and a guided missile on USS Stethem, a destroyer close to Triton Island in the Paracels, an island chain in China.

The area is usually acknowledged as constituting the regional waters of a landmass. It was the second such kind of operation done by the United States since Trump took office and comes days after his organization made various strides that appeared to be certain to strain US-Chinese relations.

Beijing purportedly sent military aircraft and warships to the waters in retaliation of the Stethem missile. Xi likewise said that Sino-US relations have accomplished essential outcomes when Trump and Xi met in April at former's Florida resort, as indicated by CCTV.

China's Response

In an announcement by the Chinese government on Sunday, Foreign Ministry representative Lu Kang pointed this US conduct as a violating act of the Chinese law and pertinent International Law, encroached upon China's sway, disturbed peace, order, and security of the important waters and put in danger the workforce and facilities on the Chinese islands, and in this way, forms a consequential political and military provocation.

The Chinese side is disappointed with the significant conduct of the U.S. side.

USA's Response

On the other hand, speaker of US Pacific, Lieutenant Commander Matt Knight reacted that US powers work in the Indo-Asia-Pacific district every day and the territory that also includes the South China Sea. All operations were directed as per the International law and showed that the United States would sail, fly, and work wherever universal law permits.

That assumption is valid in the South China Sea as in many other places all over the world.

Additionally, Trump on Thursday approved a $1.3 billion arms deal to Taiwan, which China considers a revolt territory. That day, the US Treasury Department also forced authorizes on a Chinese bank blamed for washing North Korean money.

The warship had cruised 12 nautical miles of Triton Island, which is also held by Taiwan and Vietnam, as a component of its freedom of navigation operations, reported by Fox News and other news agencies.

UN rules state that from the coast any domain can claim the waters up to 12 nautical miles. Thus, the US ship sailing in the South China Sea shows that the US doesn't perceive the regional claim.