Charisse O’Leary shares a daughter with her former husband, Rachid Redouane and has said she is “deeply shocked” by his actions prior to the police shooting him in Borough Market. Relatives of Khuram Shazad Butt are “shocked and appalled” at their family’s members actions, committed on the London Bridge and at the Borough Market. Both Redouane and Butt were shot and killed by London Metropolitan Police along with their accomplice, Youssef Zaghba, 22, on Saturday.

Charisse O’Leary condemns the actions of Rachid Redouane in London attack

O’Leary told The Guardian that she and Redouane had split just six months ago.

She told the British newspaper that she wants to make it clear that she condemns his actions and does not support her former husband’s beliefs which led him to commit the atrocity of the London Attack.

O’Leary went on to say that since finding out Redouane was responsible for so many deaths and injuries in the London attacks she has shed many tears for the victims. She added that their beautiful 22-month-old daughter has been their only reason for contact for the last six months. O’Leary is now trying to bring her daughter up alone and worries that she has to somehow explain to her daughter what her father did, and why.

Khuram Butt’s family ‘appalled’ and ‘shocked’ by his actions

Later Butt’s family also spoke out against their relative’s brutal actions, saying they are “appalled” and “shocked” by what he had done.

In a statement on Wednesday, the family condemned the attack in no uncertain terms, calling the perpetrators “the mindless few” who are claiming to act in the name of Islam. The family called on authorities in the U.K. to put an end to others like Butt, who may be actively planning more terror attacks in the country.

Butt’s family went on to send their “heartfelt thoughts and prayers” to all the victims and their families, saying it is now time for everyone to work together to stop these attacks.

Youssef Zaghba’s mother vows to stop young Muslims being radicalized

The New York Post reports that the third attacker, shot by police in Borough Market, has now been identified as Youssef Zaghba, 22, a Moroccan-born Italian. His mother, Valeria Khadija Collina, lives in Bologna, Italy, and told police she was horrified on learning her son was involved in the London attack.

She said she had told police her son had gone missing after the attack on Saturday and believed he had gone into hiding, as he was reportedly friendly with the other two attackers. Only later did she find out that he was involved in the atrocity himself.

Collina went on to say she understands the anguish and sorrow felt by the families and friends of the victims and vows to do everything she can to stop other young Muslims from being radicalized.

Eight people were killed and dozens more injured when Butt, Redouane, and Zaghba drove a white van onto London Bridge on Saturday, June 4, plowing through pedestrians before heading into the Borough Market area, stabbing people at random with hunting knives.

Muslim leader refuse funeral rites to London attackers

As reported on Blasting News, Muslim leaders in the U.K., in an unprecedented move, are refusing to give the three terrorists the normal funeral prayers and rites, normally offered to all Muslim dead, regardless of their actions. 130 Imams and religious leaders refused the rites as the attackers' “indefensible actions” are completely at odds with the teachings of Islam.