After three attackers killed seven people and injured 48 more in Saturday’s brutal London attacks, police shot the attackers dead. Calling the men responsible for the killings “cold-blooded murderers,” Muslim Leaders in the U.K. are now refusing to carry out the normal Islamic funeral rites for the three men.

130 Imams and religious leaders refuse funeral rites

As reported by the Evening Standard and in a highly unusual move, a combined 130 Imams and religious leaders have refused to say the traditional funeral prayers for the attackers, which are normally given to Muslim dead, regardless of their actions.

The religious leaders have gone on to call others to also refuse the funeral rites to the killers.

As reported by Blasting News, the London Metropolitan Police have identified two of the London attackers as Rachid Redouane and Khuram Shazad Butt, both from east London. While police have reportedly identified the third attacker, he is yet to be named.

Muslim Council of Britain dubs attackers ‘cold-blooded murderers’

The Muslim Council of Britain calls the London attacks “indefensible,” saying the men who drove a white van into pedestrians and then ran through the streets stabbing people are “cold-blooded murderers.” A statement by the Muslim Council expressed their shock and disgust at the murders, saying the group comes from various different backgrounds and from various parts of the U.K.

The statement continued by saying members of the council are “deeply hurt” by the several terror attacks committed in the U.K. by murderers who use their religion as their justification. It went on to read that due to the ethical principles relating to Islam, they will not perform the traditional funeral prayer for the attackers, as their “indefensible actions” are at odds with the teachings of Islam.

Love and compassion must be upheld

As reported by CBS News, the council – which represents both both Sunni and Shia Muslims – said the attackers are seeking to divide society and instill fear, but they say they will ensure that this fails.

They went on to request everyone to unite as one community in the face of cowardice, adding that love and compassion must be upheld.

The 130 Muslim leaders went on to commend the actions of the London Metropolitan Police and emergency services, applauding their response and that it embodies the courage, honor and humanity that must be exhibited in these difficult times.

Saturday’s attack in London came less than a week after the suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, which killed 22 people. Both terror attacks have since been claimed by ISIS. 12 people were arrested by the London police following the latest incident, but all have since been released.

In the video included below, London police say that people in the Muslim community who are close to the attackers must have known of their plans. The Muslim Council is also asking members of the Muslim population to report any potential attacks before they occur in order to "rout out the scourge of terrorism."