Out of all the new hallyu relationships revealed last year, the biggest surprise was #MoonHeeJun and #Soyul. Moon officially announced their romance on November 25. He also announced he and Soyul were also engaged to be married. Since then, there has been numerous arguments and debates on why the two K-pop idols would marry so quickly after abruptly announcing their relationship.

Soyul and Moon Hee Jun's wedding

One of the biggest arguments was Soyul and Moon Hee Jun's wedding was a "shotgun wedding" as they are pregnant with child. Apparently, that might have been the case as it was recently announced that Soyul would be having her baby sometime this week.

Both entertainment labels for K-pop idols Moon Hee Jun and Soyul, Koen Stars and Chrome Entertainment respectively, made announcements the two were expecting their first child on Wednesday, May 8. Both companies, Apparently, Koen Stars knew about the pregnancy and did not announce it sooner in consideration for the baby. As for Chrome Entertainment, they claim they were ignorant to the situation and only found out about the pregnancy recently.

If one were to take into account the events that led to the pregnancy announcement, it is probable that both Moon Hee Jun and Soyul had a shotgun wedding.

That alone would not be a bad thing but Soyul possibly keeping it a secret through lies is what is causing issues with K-pop fans.

Did the marriage happen because of a pregnancy?

As mentioned earlier, pregnancy speculation started right after Moon Hee Jun and Soyul announced their relationship and upcoming marriage. Soyul denied the speculation that she was pregnant through Chrome Entertainment claiming, "It's not pregnancy before marriage."

The K-pop community even thinks Soyul lying about her pregnancy extends back to when she halted all promotions with her K-pop girl group Crayon Pop due to an anxiety disorder last September.

Coincidentally, it is around that time period when she would be in the first stages of pregnancy.

Because of Soyul halting promotions, Crayon Pop went into hiatus. Sadly for K-pop fans, especially those who were part of the Crayon Pop fan club known as Cutie, the girl group's comeback before their haitus which features "Doo Doom Chit" would reportedly be their last for now.

Back in March, the contracts for Crayon Pop members expired. Both Choa and Way are looking for new labels while Geummi and Ellin "prepare for new activities." Soyul remains "on break" which we now know means preparing to give birth to her first child.

There is some hope for Crayon Pop fans as only Choa and Way are the only members to have reportedly leave Chrome Entertainment. "Doo Doom Chit" may reportedly be Crayon Pop's last work for now, but the K-pop girl group is only on hiatus indefinitely. When things settle not just for Moon Hee Jun and Soyul with their family but with the media circus involved with them, Crayon Pop might make their comeback.