Now New Yorkers don’t have to travel abroad, they can see the whole world at their footsteps in Gulliver’s Gate. This interactive arena recently opened in Times Square, New York and transports visitors throughout the world like Europe, Latin America, or Asia. Starting with New York City itself, guests see symbolic monuments of the city like the Rockefeller Center and the New York Public Library. There is also an exhibit of city life and culture as one can see modern buildings, such as a typical hotel, glass statues in rooms, and even party goers on the roof of a bar.

After New York, visitors are taken to places elsewhere in the country like the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the ski slopes in the north and the Maine coastline.

World landmarks and icons in one place

Then visitors are taken to nearby Europe with a touch of humor like monster Ness coming out of the water, and the Northern Lights in Scandinavia where Santa Claus appears. The Gulliver’s Gate also shows Asian destinations and landmarks like Mount Everest, Mount Fuji in Japan, the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, and the historic Pearl Theatre in China. South America is still in the construction phase and will include the Panama Canal with full water and the boats moving up and down. There will also be popular attractions, like the Sugarloaf mountain in Brazil, the Iguazu waterfalls in Argentina and the sacred Machu Picchu complex in Peru.

Gulliver’s Gate has been created by architect Eiran Gazit inspired by miniature masterpieces in Holland like the Madurodam, a mini park with copies of Dutch houses, canals, and markets. There are also lighting and sound features with interactive views and small spots that illuminate when tourists take pictures or musical figures like the Rolling Stones and the Beatles who you can see performing on touring Britain.

There are also city portraits and iconic landmarks like streets of London where one can see the Beatles walking Abby Road. One can then look at the beautiful sea waters of Greece and even notice scuba divers there.

Travel and real life simulation

There is also a fully operational mini-airport including a variety of aircraft like the created Swift as well as former airlines like Braniff International and Pan American Air.

The entire exhibit also has a day and night feature allowing people to see what the buildings look like in the day or as lighted up in the evening and night. Motion has also been created in the exhibits as taking a walk through Italy, one can see tiny gondolas in Venice passing through the water, while the ski lifts have passengers up and down on North American mountain slopes. Gulliver’s Gate also shows historical structures and cultures like ancient villages along with modern metropolises, and the presentation of the Eiffel Tower in Paris as it was being built. There is also a moon and Mars colony to give an idea of space travel.