In an area of the world that doesn't need anymore difficult situations, it just got a little thicker.

The Gulf Cooperation Council was formed in 1981 as a regional alliance of the Persian Gulf countries. Since then, it has become one of the most influential bodies in the Middle East today. The countries that make up the Cooperation are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. Now, after years of cooperation, they are in the beginnings of one of the worst diplomatic situations in this region in decades.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and The United Arab Emirates have cut all ties with Qatar.

The state news agency of Saudi Arabia announced on Monday that in order to "protect national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism" they and some of their fellow cooperation members will be cutting all ties with Qatar. Qatar has been accused of supporting such groups as ISIS, al-Qaeda, and also rebel coup militias and "destabilizing the region". Though Qatar completely denies the allegations, it has not stopped the other countries from severing all connections and ties to the tiny country. This does not mean that only political connections are severed, but also the single land boarder that is shares with Saudi Arabia will be closed, things like travel options and media exposure will change.

Many things will change immediately or almost immediately.

  • Qataris, in The United Arab Emirates, have been given 14 days to vacate the country.
  • Qatar has been removed from the Gulf Cooperation Council.
  • Yemen (though not a member of the Cooperation) will also cut ties with Qatar.
  • Emirates Airlines will also cease all flights in and out of the country's capital, Doha.
  • Kuwait and Oman will be the only G.C.C. members that will have any remaining ties to Qatar

Reflection of Global Conscience

Middle east countries taking a stance and picking a side, reflects that the world recognizes that global hate and terrorism are a real and certain threat.

These countries have publicly come out and said that they will cut off ties with them merely because of their alleged ties to terrorism. They understand the possible danger that follows the supporters of terrorism. This shows a global connections against these vessels of hate and death. For example, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, the world demonstrated a united front in the form of a concert.

In that concert, they showed how the world will stand against terrorism and hate, just as these countries have done. Many people would not consider the two situations linked in any way whatsoever, but at the end of the day it is people using whatever platform they have at their disposal to stomp out terrorism.