Pakistan's first ever Pro-Wrestling event started a few days ago. Imran Shah, head of the Pro Wrestling Entertainment Europe Division told Dawn News that international wrestlers are here and this will go down in history. It will also help Pakistan promote a positive image.

The Event

This is the first time that a wrestling event is taking place in Pakistan. People all over the country are die hard fans of wrestling, especially WWE; and to know that several former WWE wrestlers will join the stage is an exceptional news.

Wade Barrett, Yacine Osmani, Tiny Iron and 16 other wrestlers arrived on Tuesday and are really excited to kick off the event.

They expressed their excitement while talking to Dawn News as they drove off to their hotels. Wade Barrett, a former WWE star says that it is his first time coming to Pakistan and he is really excited to perform for the fans here.

The event is taking place at KMC Basketball Arena Karachi.

Pakistan's Future

The French-Pakistani wrestler, Badshah Pehlwan Khan is hopeful that this will be a great step forward for the country. He previously tried to join WWE but was not selected. He is currently a part of the Catch Wrestling Star, a European wrestling company. He hopes to become a part of WWE again in the future, but for now, he will be participating in this wrestling event.

Pakistan in the past has been painted with a black streak of terrorist claims, from bomb blasts to suicide attacks.

This has raised issues for foreigners and their security and thus no international event has taken place since the last T-20 cricket series; other than small concerts and shows.

Pakistan's Sporting Passion

Wrestling has been in the hearts of the Pakistani people since forever. A similar game, called 'kabaddi', is played with enthusiasm in rural areas of Punjab.

This game, similar to wrestling, requires two wrestlers to engage in a standoff with the first man to be pinned down as the loser.

This game sparked the interest of Pakistani youngsters to watch WWE, UFC, TNA and several other game shows on TV. Since then, wrestling has been famous among the people and everyone loves to watch it.

That is why after this event ends, a Pro-Wrestling Academy will open in Pakistan to help potential wrestlers become international players and achieve their dreams.

It is said, that the event will not only be held in Karachi but also in Lahore and Islamabad over the course of the next few months. Zeeshan Bashir, head of the PWE Middle East said that Pakistan lacks in international sports events and this will help revive the sports events.