Global warming is the idea that man-made carbon dioxide or the emission of fumes from fossil fuels is increasing global temperatures. Climate change can occur due to both human activities and natural events. However, there are some scientists, who do not believe there is enough evidence to support global warming. They assert that this idea is becoming ridiculous day by and is being overrated by media and scientists. In their opinion, these “environmental” friendly scientists are creating a globalization market in order to collect money for themselves.

Climate change

Earth’s atmosphere consists of many gasses. These gasses include carbon dioxide and water vapor which absorb radiation from the sun after it reflects from the surface of the Earth. These reflected rays are then stored in the atmosphere keeping the Earth warm. This is called the ”greenhouse effect”. However, it does become a problem when humans add additional amounts of carbon dioxide and other gasses in the air that absorb large amounts of radiation and trap in the atmosphere. This theory is believed to eventually increase overall global temperatures. CO2 is considered the biggest cause due to its increased atmospheric concentration. The increments of CO2 in the air overall are evident looking at the data from 2000 to 2015 “369 ppm to 401 ppm” respectively.

CO2 is Beneficial

However as these increased levels of CO2 are harmful, they can be quite beneficial as well. Richard Lindzen, an American atmospheric physicist, recognizes that CO2 is a minor problem and its negative effects might not be as important as its benefits. He explains that the atmosphere is cooled by thermal radiation which is emitted to space.

Carbon dioxide cools these regions which increase ozone level concentrations. CO2 is also beneficial to plant growth according to Richard Lindzen.


Although there might be countless Arguments regarding the fact that global warming is happening at an immense level, the weather is changing, the climate is changing and this is all because of human activity; it does not remove the fact that natural causes are also a big part of this phenomenon.

Humans are not the sole cause of this climate change. As shown through NASA statistics, volcanic eruptions and the angle of the sunlight hitting the Earth and Earth in turn taking in that heat for long periods of time also plays a huge role.

Though, the fact that we should be more careful of preserving our environment from illegal forest cut downs, keeping our oceans clean, preventing huge landfills and garbage deposits, and keeping it clean is more important than the change in weather.