Wikileaks was founded in 2006 by Julian Assange. Wikileaks first gained notoriety when it released an instruction manual regarding how soldiers are to deal with prisoners at Camp Delta, Guantanamo Bay. Between 2008 and 2017 Wikileaks released over 12 separate batches of classified government documents. On July 6, 2010, the US army charged Chelsea Manning with contravening the Espionage Act for handing over classified documents to Wikileaks for distribution to the public. Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. A critical element in the Wikileaks case is whether Julian Assange conspired with Manning to obtain the stolen military documents, prior to the actual crime.

Win for Assange?

Julian Assange seems to have defeated the Swedish courts. The court Prosecutor announced the abandonment of the investigation into the rape allegations against Assange. However, he is not likely to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy for fear of arrest by the British police, on a charge of failure to appear. Although this charge hardly warrants his continued asylum, the Metropolitan Police will not divulge whether or not the United States has issued an extradition request to bring Assange before the U.S. Justice Department. It seems that all the law agencies are staying quiet about their intentions. The next move is in Julian Assange's court (no pun intended).

Swedish prosecutor, Marianne Ny, clearly indicated that the allegations against Wikileaks' founder, Julian Assange, had not been dropped.

She also reiterated that she was not implying Mr. Assange's innocence. “I can conclude based on the evidence that probable cause for this crime still exists,” she said. She clarified that the case would remain open and Mr. Assange could be arrested and charged if he returned to Sweden.

Trump administration poised to re-open Wikileaks case

If Julian Assange walks out the door and exits from his political asylum the worst may yet be ahead of him. According to The Washington Post, the charges would include conspiracy, theft of government property, and possibly violating the Espionage Act. A guilty verdict on any one of these charges could cost him more than the rape allegations in Sweden.

Controversy has centered around First Amendment arguments that grant freedom of speech to all, including the media. If the Justice Department seeks to charge Assange, some allege it will breach the First Amendment and set a precedent regarding the free reporting of news. Never before has a media reporter been charged with releasing the truth to the public. The very existence of the news media is to deliver the unbiased truth to the public.

The CIA Director described Wikileaks as a "non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like Russia." Pompeo went on to describe a relationship between Wikileaks and Edward Snowden in which Wikileaks played an active part prior to the theft.

By doing this, Assange showed his clear intention of targeting the security of the United States. Furthermore, Pompeo went on to say that US intelligence services determined that Russia used Wikileaks' publishing platform during their campaign against Hillary Clinton.

The argument is over says the Justice Department

Charges have been prepared and the U.S. Justice Department has made the arrest of Julian Assange a priority. Julian Assange is hiding in an embassy in London. He is not a U.S. citizen. The First Amendment is a right of free speech given to American citizens. He has caused significant damage to the US security system and put American lives at stake. For this, he must pay.