Fairytales and fiction books have a way of teaching us what history has learned. They create stories out of historical accounts which are often based on truth. They have so much bad happening that all hope is lost, and one wonders, whether any good will ever come to the characters. In the end, the good comes to those who fight for it, and evil to those that spread it.

The world in the abyss

Our world today has fallen into the abyss, with no hope of getting to the good times. Some may argue that the world is so much better than what it was during WWI or WWII, or the numerous other wars that have taken place.

They may present the facts of Napolean and his raid throughout Europe and how in Russia, he was called the "Anti-Christ." The most famous villain of all history yet is Hitler, and believably, he will stay one forever, for the cruelty he showed the Jews. But thinking about it, where has the world come to now?

The war countries

For the past two decades, numerous countries have been hit with wars. Starting from Palestine, the wars have gone on to encompass Iraq, Jordan, Lybia, and Syria. They have spread to Uruguay, to Afghanistan, to Nigeria, to South Sudan, to Somalia, to Yemen, to the Dominican Republic and several other small states spread across the map. It is sad to know that despite this, the world seems content that there is World Peace.

Global peace

World Peace is when all the nations of the planet, live, think and share in harmony and peace, without bombing, plotting against or destroying each other. These days it seems every country in the world has severe problems with another one somewhere in the world. It has been seen throughout history, how Europe fought over countries and brought others down through war and turmoil.

Recently, the Global Peace Index indicated that only 10 countries out of the 195 countries are out of external conflict interventions. These few countries have no interference in other countries matters and are internally maintaining peace as well. These 10 include Iceland, New Zealand, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Canada, Switzerland, and Ireland.

The world has been falling into less peace since the year 2007. Every year or even worse, every week, a new conflict arises, triggered by one nation or the other.


However, it is not only interventions that lead the countries to fall into conflict, but major global crisis that contributes to factors as well. Prime examples are the Brexit, the Arab Spring, and the Global Financial Crisis. Not only that but recent terrorist activities such as the ones in Pakistan, and several other Asian and African countries moves them toward conflict. A large amount of resurgence and no resolve to the crisis in numerous countries have disrupted world peace and brought us no closer to it.

The UN is an Ambassador of goodwill peace but it seems as if it has blinded itself to the problems of the world, and keeps supporting the countries going to war in these third world countries.

One can only hope for a world where it will be peaceful and no feuds will happen, and everyone lives with respect and peace towards each other. Unless we fight for peace and raise our voices, not against each other but for each other, we cannot create a world worth living.