Authorities and locals in Seram Island, Indonesia are totally baffled after the rotting remains of a 50-foot mystery creature washed ashore on Hulung Beach. The creature was first spotted by local resident Asrul Tuanakota, 37, whose first impression was that a stranded boat had beached on the island. On closer inspection, it turned out to be the decaying remains of some enormous creature.

What the New York Post has described as a “Jabba the Hutt-like blob”, the mystery sea creature’s skin was discolored and reportedly still bleeding the day following the find.

Authorities believe it had been dead for some three days before it was found on the beach.

Is it a giant squid, an octopus, or a whale?

Residents of Iha Village flocked to view the mystery carcass, with some of the local fishermen believing the decaying corpse to be that of a giant squid, while others think it might be a giant octopus. However, a spokesman for Indonesia’s Marine and Coastal Resources Management says it could possibly be a whale. Coordinator M Nasrul Latulanit said authorities have reportedly taken samples of meat from the corpse for laboratory testing in the hope of identifying the species. He said tests are currently underway, but as far as he can see the 13-foot fangs on the head of the creature could actually be a whale jaw.

Other gigantic carcasses have been washed ashore

Unknown giant sea creatures have been washed ashore before. In April a rare and enormous 25-foot basking shark was discovered in Cornwall, floating in the ocean off of Chapel Point in Mevagissey. Photographer Matthew Facey discovered the shark and posted images to Facebook.

As noted by the International Business Times, back in February this year, a strange hairy sea monster washed ashore on a beach in the Philippines.

That creature reportedly weighed some two tons and measured almost 23 feet in length. In that incident, locals believed it was a rare, undiscovered dugong, but after investigation, it turned out to be a whale. Its alien appearance was reportedly due to decomposition.

Also in February, a huge grey mysterious sea creature washed ashore on Fremantle Beach in Perth, Western Australia.

That carcass also looked like an alien blob.

New Zealanders had a similar experience in December last year when a gigantic carcass washed ashore near Auckland. It was found by a local resident and was covered in barnacles. According to the New York Post, it is unclear whether either of the massive creatures found in Australia and New Zealand were ever identified.