Irrespective of what the world feels, North Korea continues to experiment with its ballistic missiles and the latest one traveled 800-Km before it landed in the Sea of Japan nearer to Russia than Japan. This is a development that will not please Russia and the US President Donald Trump took this opportunity to call for stronger sanctions on the country.

Pyongyang's latest missile test

Sky News reports that the latest ballistic missile test-fired by North Korea was in the air for nearly half an hour, covered a distance of approximately 800-Km and landed in the Sea of Japan at a location that was closer to Russia than to Japan.

According to information furnished by Tokyo, the pattern of the track of the missile could be that of a new generation of the weapon.

Reacting to this display of Pyongyang’s weaponry, the White House wants all nations to rise as one and impose stronger sanctions on the regime. Moreover, the missile landed closer to Russia than Japan and that should be a matter of concern for Russia. It should investigate whether it was an intentional action on the part of Pyongyang or whether it was due to a malfunction of the missile’s onboard directional system.

What is the way out?

The US Pacific Command confirmed that the launch that took place from its normal launch pad. It tracked the path of the missile and concluded that there was no threat to North America.

However, it appeared to be a different type of missile as compared to an intercontinental ballistic missile.

The tension in the region is mounting and Donald Trump has already cautioned about the possibility of an imminent conflict with North Korea. He has also expressed his desire to have discussions with Kim Jong Un about the various programs he has undertaken to fulfill his nuclear ambitions.

The activities of North Korea appear to be based on decisions taken by its Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un. His ability to carry on investing in missile launches that continue to fail is proof that finance is no problem for him. The conclusion is that he is not bothered about sanctions because he has his own methods to bypass such hurdles.

The problem is not a new one and during the Obama period, systems were devised to sabotage the launchings of missiles. Now, the CIA has entered the picture with a center dedicated to monitor the activities of North Korea.

The fact remains that Pyongyang is developing a missile to launch a direct attack on the United States. However, the continuous failures could mean that it has not yet mastered the technology and a missile targeted at America could strike somewhere else. Hence it is necessary for all world leaders to sink their differences and take measures to ensure that the world remains safe. It must be borne in mind that any nuclear weapon in the wrong hands will spell disaster for the whole world and must be prevented.