North Korea's Kim Jong-un seems determined to start a full-scale war with the United States. The North Korean Leader fired a ballistic missile that landed in Japanese waters. However, the rocket burst open mid-flight. On Friday, two officials from the U.S. Armed forces confirmed the incident to Fox News. Reportedly, the North Korean ruler fired a KN-17 missile, which authorities have confirmed is a Scud missile that is being developed for future Naval deployment. The rocket launched from Pukchang flew about 25 miles, but disintegrated in mid-air after about 25 minutes.

Officials confirmed missile was a KN-17 Scud

However, officials are yet to ascertain if the original launch was successful. Military personnel in the region reiterated that the situation is being closely monitored by the U.S. Strategic Charge and the United States Pacific Command. Jeffrey Lewis, a lead researcher at Monterey's Middlebury Institute of International Studies, outlined that the Scud missile would have to be significantly modified before it is ready to be dispatched a second time.

According to Lewis, the KN-17 is a single stage rocket that is powered by fluid, however, he said that the North Korean leader fired a more powerful solid fuel three-stage rocket back in February. That launch, he said, was successful, and led to the ongoing tension between Kim Jong-un and authorities at the Pentagon.

In spite of United Nations warnings and sanctions from several countries, North Korea continues to routinely fire a wide assortment of ballistic rockets. The young leader is on a quest to build up an arsenal of destructive weapons that can reach the shores of the United States. Notably, the most recent missile launch was just before the U.S.

Vice President touched down in Seoul, and was a failure.

Trump said his tolerance for Kim Jong-un has run out

On Monday, Pence went by the Demilitarized Zone that is on the Korean peninsula and warned the North Korean leader to stop further ballistic testing in the region. Reportedly, the United States President and the Vice President issued a joint statement saying that with today's launch, the U.S.

government had run out of tolerance for the North Korean President.

Additionally, the U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson advised the United Nations Committee to impose more severe sanctions that can severly impact the North Korean nation.