Yesterday Kate Middleton and her husband Prince William were photographed after meeting her sister Pippa's soon-to-be in-laws. In mid-March, William was caught on camera in quite a different situation. He had gone skiing in Switzerland without his wife. He was drinking with his buddies, while standing with his arm around another woman's waist. This only adds to the perils of his wife. Kate must deal with all the issues of being married to the man who would be king.

Kate's plight as William's wife

The prince came under fire because his scandal in Virbier was preventable.

It never would have taken place had the Prince done the right thing and been where he was scheduled to be. His 95-year-old grandfather and 90-year-old grandmother attended an annual royal family-supported church event instead of going skiing. William shirked his duties as the future king and went partying instead. This put Kate in the middle of all the royal follies. She must smile in public and carry out her duties as the Duchess Of Cambridge in spite of her spouse's erring ways. No matter how hurt or embarrassed she may be, the future queen must go on with the show as a good royal should.

A no-win situation

Prince William took a wife and provided an heir to the throne. At age 34, however, he is showing no signs of leaving his party days behind.

Kate Middleton is truly in a no-win situation. She can accept her husband as is, ignore the news reports, and prepare to be queen. The royal men cannot be controlled. This was evident when Prince Charles was unable to stop seeing Camilla Parker Bowles, even though Princess Di was his lawfully wedded wife. William may not be able to give up his playboy behavior, so what's a princess to do?

Nagging William and pointing out how he has shamed the family probably will not make a difference. Kate could divorce the prince, as William's mother divorced Prince Charles. This however would destroy her family, prevent her from becoming queen, and bring the ire of Queen Elizabeth II, who likes the royals to keep themselves in check and keep up appearances The best outcome in this situation would be for William to settle down and become the husband, father, and future ruler his wife and his country can be proud of. If he does not, the news will continue to report the perils of Kate.