Some of the major beauty trends in the 90’s are making a huge comeback in the spotlight. More celebrities are going into that funky and grungy look that was so popular some decades ago. Among these trends are the shimmering lids and lips, and exciting hair do’s.

To prove this theory, Brit Plus Co reported that Lisa Frank pajamas are in fact already at Target, while the Clearly Canadian is once again a favorite. And yes, Hulu will begin to air some of our favorite sitcoms from the past!

Hello glassy lips, goodbye matte!

In the 90’s, a shiny Lip Gloss was a major thing.

High-shine formulas were so sought after until the matte lipstick made its way into the mainstream. However, matte finish is slowly dying. In the premiere of “47 Meters Down,” Mandy Moore was seen in with a highly reflective lip gloss. Even Selena Gomez was seen sporting a shimmering lacquer lip gloss in her music video for “Fetish.”

Ironically, the vampy lips are also making a huge comeback. These dark hues seem to reflect the different moods the user wants to project. One celebrity who dared to bring back this trend is Taylor Swift when she marched on the red carpet on the Met Gala. During the Paris Fashion Week, Karlie Kloss was also seen wearing a fierce brown lipstick which gave her a time travel look from the 90’s.

We are back to hair clips and hair wraps

The 90’s hair clips are so in, thanks to Bella Hadid. In her Instagram, she was seen wearing those shiny clips to clasp those bangs. In fact, her get up of baby tees and ripped, lightly washed jeans made her she just stepped out from Delia’s catalogue.

Ladies can make a statement with the resurrected hair wraps.

On the premiere of “Kidnap,” Halle Berry was seen in stylish hair wrap with strings, and little gold hoops. As this trend slowly makes its way today, one can be as creative as she wants to be using modern accessories, monochromatic embellishment or simply pop it with colors to match.

One hair trend that is making a huge comeback is crimped hair.

It once lost its appeal when the tousled, wind-blown, beachy manes became popular. Several celebrities were seen wearing a uniform hair bends like Kate and Ashley Olsen, Bella Thorne, and Gigi Hadid.

Worth mentioning as well that is making its way from the past is frosty and silver makeup for the eyes. The shimmering silver eyeshadow was brought back to life by “Made Men” Jessica Pare, and “The Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay.