Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warned the Japanese parliament that North Korea might have the means to conduct missile attacks on Japan. This is after military intelligence revealed North Korea's attempt to develop an arsenal of missiles, which can deliver high explosive ordinance and chemical payloads such as nerve and Sarin gas.

In response, the Japanese government has started preparations for massive evacuations of cities in case of an attack. They have also issued reminders on shelter locations, evacuation routes and safety guidelines for citizens in highly populated areas in the country.

US and Japan continue its show of force in the Korean peninsula

As the US fleet, centered on the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson arrive in the Korean peninsula, Japan has committed two of its destroyers to help in guarding the fleet. Aside from this, a Los Angeles-class submarine has docked in South Korea to conduct joint military drills with Seoul and at the same time join the show of force against Pyongyang.

The build-up of forces in the Korean peninsula is not only limited to US forces as Russian, and Chinese ground forces have been mobilized to respond to any eventuality quickly. Russia has started to amass a contingent of soldiers on its North Korean border, while China placed its air force on high alert.

Can North Korea attack Japan?

The missile arsenal of North Korea includes the Nodong 2, which has a range of 900 miles, long enough to reach Tokyo and Beijing. This missile is also capable of delivering nuclear payloads, chemical packages, and traditional incendiary warheads. It is this most likely the missile Kim Jong Un was referring to when he threatened to blow the US armada out of the water.

However, pitted against it is the entire air defense of South Korea, US, and Japan. A gauntlet of anti-aircraft and anti-missile system that will surely wither away any incoming threat. However, Kim Jong Un also boasts his possession of nuclear weapons though it is still not sure whether his claim is true or not. US surveillance shows telltale signs of nuclear development in North Korea, but definitive proof that the North already has a working nuclear warhead is still not available.

What is Trump's move on this development?

After his meeting with the UN security council in the White House, Trump has invited the entire Senate to Washington and discuss the problem with North Korea. It is still unsure what trump will do, but his talk with the UN council showed his willingness to resort to drastic measures against Pyongyang which may lead to all out war.

China and Japan have phoned Trump earlier this week to remind him to avoid any actions that may result in war. Beijing is also assuring the US that they will not react if the US does go through with a preemptive strike but warns Trump that such a move will result in more chaos.