After North Korea lashed out threat after threat of attacking the US with nuclear weapons, destroying the US fleet off the Korean peninsula and now arresting US citizens in their country, trump is fed up. Given his way, Trump wants to take out Kim Jong-Un by any means possible and he is urging China to do it.

GOP senators practically pressing for action to take out Kim Jong-Un

In a report posted by the Express, Trump is pleading for military action against the North Korean tyrant. Sen. Mark Rubio reportedly said that the US must do almost whatever it takes to prevent Kim Jong-Un from acquiring nuclear capabilities that he can use to attack the United States.

Sen. Lindsay Graham also shares this sentiment. The Republican senator said that the US should make preemptive strikes to prevent North Korean scientists actually from developing ballistic missile capabilities.

What does Trump have to say about this?

Surprisingly, Trump hasn't divulged any grand scheme to deal with Pyongyang's continued threat lately. However, Trump had separate phone call meetings with Japan's Prime Minister Abe and Chinese Premier Xi Jinping over possible ways to dismantle the Korean crisis peacefully. However, Trump said earlier last week; the China must do something to rein in North Korea.

Both Japan and China have reportedly urged Trump to refrain from doing anything to worsen the tensions in the area.

China, though continuing to export basic commodities to North Korea is willing to support any move that will halt Pyongyang's nuclear ambition.

Japan, though opposed to any preemptive strike deployed two destroyers to accompany the USS Carl Vinson on its patrol in Korean waters. Apart from these developments, China and Russia are independently carving out their plans on how to deal with the Korean crisis.

Though these schemes are not apparent, an Asian sphere without the US as a major influence is the end goal. However, this will not come to pass unless the Korean tension ends.

US intelligence has observed an increase in movement of Chinese jets and bombers. Also, thousands of soldiers have been primed and ready to respond to the onset of the armed conflict.

Russia is also churning up the tension as it continues to seek friendlier ties with South East Asian countries such as the Philippines.

A pro Chinese-Russian block is emerging in Asia, and Trump needs to provide superb diplomatic skills to keep them supportive of his desire to end the North Korean nuclear threat.